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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Floral Crown!

I've been wanting a "floral-hair crown" for a while now, after seeing other pinup/vintage inspired ladies wearing floral-hair crowns and really admiring them.
A few months ago at Ballarat Beat (a rockabilly festival) I came across a market store called  Georgie Girl by Sandra and admired all her beautiful unique hair-flower creations. At the time I purchased a few pretties from her.  A couple of months ago I ended up messaging Georgie Girl by Sandra and asking her if she could custom make me a hair-flower crown to wear and feature on my blog.  Thankfully she said yes! It was her first time making a flower crown custom piece!  Sandra ended up creating a wonderful piece and I love it!  She attached pretty little pink, white and yellow flowers onto a solid headband.  Personally, doing it this way the headband felt secured and sat on my head perfectly.
Georgie Girl by Sandra is located in Adelaide, Australia.  I highly recommend on ordering a custom made, hand crafted piece for yourself, whether it's a flower crown, similar to mine or a unique hair-flower creation to wear with your special outfit.
This floral 1940's inspired dress I'm wearing is from a UK brand called Pretty Retro
It's the 40's Tea dress in pink floral. I love the floral print and the 1940's inspired style.  This dress is very lightweight, ideal to wear in spring and summer.  It's made from 100% polyester.  There are not many sizes left in this print, though there are other lovely prints and style dresses to choose from on Pretty Retro's website.
This dress features a gathered bust-line, with a little tie on the sweetheart neckline. It also has cute little sleeves. There are no zips or buttons, you just pull this dress over your head, due to the bias style.  There is no ironing required either! It's such a pretty little summer inspired dress.
Accessories Include:
Robbie Heels from Bait Footwear
Pink wicker handbag from Pinup Girl Clothing
Beaded necklace from Collectif Clothing
Green back-seam stocking by What Katie Did
Bangles are thrifted
I'm finding myself purchasing/ordering more 1940's style dresses at the moment.  Mainly because of the style and cut of the dresses.  Also I don't have to worry about finding and wearing a full/fluffy petticoat underneath.  I admire how 40's style dresses can be very feminine and cute, with the beautiful fabrics, the gorgeous prints and the different cuts and designs.
These style dresses can show more of your curves of, due to the A-line skirt shape. It's then a matter, if you feel comfortable with wearing a 1940's style dress to a 1950's swing skirt dress!
In other news I'm back at work, from having a couple of weeks off and I'm in full-swing being back at work this week. This weekend's actually a three day weekend...yay!  This will be the last long weekend though for quite some time unfortunately. I'm back to working five day a week until my next lot of holidays, hopefully towards the end of October.
This weekend I have plans to go to some antique shops with my Mum and sister and hopefully take some more photos for my blog.

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Beauty Salon!

I've been eyeing of this gorgeous fun novelty print skirt for quite a while now, it's by U.S. brand Unique Vintage.
A couple of months ago I was able to score this skirt from A Classic Paradise aka by Shop VDM and Tiki Swag
for a very good discounted price!   This skirt is called 1950's Pastel Beauty Salon high waist swing skirt.
A Classic Paradise currently has this skirt listed as $77.95 (U.S) and there are some sizes still available to purchase.  Also Unique Vintage currently has all sizes available, for $78.00 (U.S)
I'm wearing size XL and it fits my waist of 33 inches quite well.
I just love the wonderful print over this skirt, with the pinup/vintage ladies sitting under the hair-dryer at the beauty salon. Each of the four ladies is doing something different for example reading the paper, enjoying a cuppa, manicuring the finger nails whilst waiting for their hair to be "styled".  I also adore all the gorgeous pastel colors and the floral background print.
This skirt has pockets, and has a zip and button to secure. It's fully gathered and is made from 100% cotton.  I added my own petticoat underneath for more volume.
I decided to pair my black 3/4 sleeve top by Banned Apparel with this adorable skirt.
Accessories Include:
Cream sandals from Bait Footwear 
Pink wicker handbag from Pinup Girl Clothing 
White hoop earrings from Revere Folie 
Bangles from Louella-Deville
Pink pinup belt and cat-eye glasses from an ebay seller
The brooch I've paired with this skirt is from Erstwilder and is called "Rollin with Katie".  This brooch was in collaboration with Unique Vintage, to be paired with this skirt I'm wearing or with the dress version.  This brooch is now "sold out" through a lot of online retailers.  Although Unique Vintage still have it available to purchase for $28.00 (U.S.) plus shipping.  The "Katie" brooch is so cute with her cat-eye glasses and hair in a poker-dot hair-scarf.  It's made from a layered resin, with a metal back pin.
 In other news I'm currently on leave from work, and I'm enjoying have the time off and wearing my vintage style outfits, instead of a uniform for a change!
This weekend I'm going to Brisbane for a photo-shoot and I'm going on a steam train ride with some other pinups/vintage inspired ladies and gents.  I'm looking forward to that!  Then I'm going to have a couple of nights in Toowoomba, Queensland to visit and take my own photos for my blog there.  I want to try and photographed a few outfits, there is a number of beautiful gardens in Toowoomba to visit and admire.

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Palm Leaves!

This gorgeous 1940's style dress is from Miss Bamboo UK and is the Palm Court 1940's Dress.
The owner behind the company Miss Bamboo lives and breathes the 1940's and 1950's and her online boutique represents her particular love of glamours American and Pacific style fashions.
The brand Miss Bamboo is high quality 1940's/50's reproduction garments.  You can also purchase, well-known brands such as Trashy Diva, Tatyana and Bernie Dexter, through Miss Bamboo's online store.
The garments include dresses, skirts, tops and blouses and men's shirts just to name a few to order and purchase.
The palm court dress is made from an original 1940's pattern.  The material is made of a light rayon and is very comfortable to wear. It is a shirt style dress, with an a-line skirt. The top half has three black buttons down the center that ends at the waist and is darted in the back for extra back and arm room and movement. I love the green palm leaves and fern print on the black background.
The sizes range from 8 up to 18, I ordered size 16 and it fits my measurements perfectly. The price is £65 ($115 Aus), plus shipping.
Accessories Include:
Black "Robbie" heels from Bait Footwear 
Wicker handbag is thrifted
Brooch from Kmart Australia
Bangle from Tiki Swag 
Earrings from Revere Folie 
Green back-seam stockings by What Katie Did and ordered through  The Nylon Swish
I do enjoy finding locations for my blog photos that match my outfits theme and style, sometimes it can be a little challenging though to find the perfect location.
 For example if it's a tiki/tropical style outfit I'm blogging then it will usually be a beach or a rain-forest type background. If it's a western/country theme outfit than a country style background.  For this particular dress I wanted to have palm leaves and ferns in the background.
I ended up choosing the botanical gardens at Hervey Bay for this blog photo-shoot.
Do you find it easy or hard to find locations for your blog photos, if you're a fashion blogger?
In other news I had a great long weekend, on Saturday I attended a rockabilly festival called Timewarp, my friend and I drove down and spent a few hours there, where we checked out the hot rods and vintage cars, looked at the markets stalls, caught up with some ladies we both knew, watched the pinup competition, my friend actually won the title of "Miss Timewarp" last year, so this year she had to judge the pinup comp.  I also watch my other friends rockabilly band called The Sugarshakers. We both enjoyed it, and there was a huge attendance this year also.
Also over the weekend my family and I had a picnic lunch on the Sunday and then went to an animal sanctuary, where we looked at and interacted with emu's, kangaroos, birds, lizards, an eagle and a camel.  We all had a great afternoon at the sanctuary.
Also I have one day of work to go, then I'm on leave for two weeks...yay!!

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Vixen Hair and Makeup!

This gorgeous dress I purchased a few months ago from Vixen by Micheline Pitt etsy page. At the time Micheline Pitt was having a "sale" on her page and I knew I had to buy this beautiful dress for myself!
It's the Vixen Swing Dress in Vintage Hair and Make-up Print. 
Straight away I fell in love with the dress style and the make-up and hair print on the pink background.
The size ranges from XS to 3XL, I'm wearing size XL and it fits perfectly to my body shape.
This dress retails for $206.02 (Aus) and around $154.48 (U.S) on Vixen by Micheline Pitt's etsy page.
 The material of this dress is very comfortable to wear throughout the day, it's made from a high quality cotton/spandex sateen, stretch material. Other wonderful features is the back zip, the removable vinyl belt and the deep pockets to fit your smart phone in.
Also I adore the puff sleeves, that can be worn on or of the shoulders. Personally I found of the shoulders, worked best for me. The bust-line, features a small tie, that can be cinched in to give a flattering shape.
I wore one of my fluffy petticoats underneath the skirt, to give it more of fuller/swing shape.
I'm really happy with this dress and I received many compliments on it, at a vintage and hot rod car show I attended the other weekend!
Accessories Include:
Robbie Heels from Bait Footwear
Pinup Girl Clothing wicker pink handbag from a facebook buy/sell/swap group
Pink bow earrings from Revere Folie
Hair-dryer brooch from Erstwilder
Bangles and hair-scarf is thrifted
One of my favorite parts of dressing vintage/pinup is finding the right accessories to match my outfit, whether that is matching the right shoes, bangles, brooches, handbags and hair-accessories etc.  I like to match the right colors and theme with the garment I'm wearing!
Some of my favorite accessories brands include Bait Footwear, Erstwilder, Deerarrow, Revere Folie, Daisy Jean Floral and Pinup Girl Clothing (wicker handbags). I also love wearing vintage and thrift-ed pieces as well, for example gloves, jewellery and hats. 
Do you enjoy accessorizing your outfits? 
In other news, on Saturday I'm attending a rockabilly/vintage festival called Timewarp. I'm going with Miss Vera Vamp, she actually won the title of Miss Timewarp last year, this year she has to judge the pinup competition. I'm going along for the ride and to also enjoy the day!
It's actually another long weekend coming up, so I'll also be seeing the family as well.  It's not long now until I'm on leave from work for two weeks!  I'm really looking forward to the break.

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Autumn Leaves!

A couple of months ago I message Curvy Couture by Judy Dee through facebook, asking Judy if she could please make me a 1940's style pinafore dress!  I've seen Judy's beautiful creations on the one and only Miss Victory Violet! I just had to asked if I could have my own unique dress to wear and feature on my blog!
I sent a photo I found and the fabric I wanted to Judy. I decided on this Autumn leaves print because 1. I don't usually wear browns and wanted to try this colour and 2.  I wanted a print that was different from my favourite floral/fruit/tropical/novelty prints I usually wear.
I then sent through my measurements to Judy and sorted out how I could pay her etc.
Judy lives in New Zealand and she creates beautiful vintage reproduction garments and caters for sizes 12-22.
I'm very happy on the end result, this gorgeous dress is exactly what I was wanting going by the original photo I sent to Judy.
I love the back wrap style, that joins up with medium size buttons. I absolutely love the low cut-out back, the cute heart-shape front pocket and of course the ruffles around the bottom and on the sleeves.
The fabric is made of a sturdy cotton, so is very comfortable to wear.
Also I'm loving the length and how well this dress is constructed.  Judy has done a wonderful job with her dressmaking skills.
I highly recommend, ordering yourself a custom made outfit from Curvy Couture by Judy Dee.
Accessories Include:
Cream sandals from Bait Footwear 
Vintage basket/purse from Word from the Bird
Brooch from Erstwilder
Bangles thrifted
Hoop earrings from Revere Folie
I'm wearing another gorgeous hair-flower by Shazam Pinup Hair-Flowers
This one is the Terracotta Bi Colour double Anemone Clip.  This hair-flower is attached to a strong metal alligator clip.  I'm thrilled the terracotta browns matches my dress perfectly! 
This hair-flower is now sold out on the website.
 In other news over the weekend for my short Easter break, I visited family in Bundaberg, Queensland. Whilst up there I bought myself a new vintage style picnic basket set, a flamingo umbrella, a flamingo ornament and a new Erstwilder brooch, the country lemonade one.
On the Sunday I attended a local vintage car and hot-rod show and I judged a pinup pageant, that I really enjoyed doing. There was another lady also judging with me, I felt we did a pretty good job being both our first times!  I also took more photos for my blog.

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Mint Green!

This gorgeous dress is from one of my favorite vintage inspired companies Miss Candyfloss
It's called Mariana - Lou The ultimate housewife dress.  I'm wearing the dusty mint colour, I do believe this colour has now sold out on Miss Candyfloss website.  Though there are other colours still available this includes navy blue, pink (some sizes left), red and black (some sizes left).
I love Miss Candyfloss for their well-made, beautifully designed and very comfortable to wear garments.  I especially adore their dresses and jumpsuits!
 Their sizes ranges from XS to 5XL, I'm wearing a size Large and it fits perfectly to my body shape. This dress is made from 63% polyester, 32% viscose and 5% elastane.  The Mariana - Lou dress has many great features for example the scallop collar, the pleated bust, short sleeves, lightly pleated skirt, a matching belt, a back zip and I love the length.  On Miss Candyfloss website, it states it's a 1950's housewife dress, but I believe you can easily pass this dress of as a 1940's inspired design as well.
Accessories Include:
Shoes from Bait Footwear
Vintage handbag from a facebook buy/sell/swap group
Brooch, bangle and gloves are thrifted
The floral hair-piece I'm wearing is from Shazam Pinup Hairflowers  and is called Peach Phalaenopsis orchid cascade head piece. It's designed to be worn down the side of your face and is lightweight and attached to an alligator clip.  This head-piece retails for £15 on Shazam Pinup Hairflower website.
I have four days coming up this weekend for Easter.  This long weekend I'm planning on seeing family, hopefully taking more photos for my blog and attending a hot rod show on Sunday.
The next four weeks are actually short 4 day work weeks, because of public holidays, then I'm on holidays for two weeks in May...yay!

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Miami Flamingo!

This week's blog post is about this bright and colourful dress from Lindybop
It's called "Valerie" Purple Miami Print Swing Dress. I saw this wonderful dress come up for "sale" on Lindybop's website, a little while ago and I just had to purchase it for myself.  The fun border print and colours sold it for me. I love the pink's and purples, plus the Miami street scenery and the pink flamingos flying over the city skyline.
This dress is currently for sale at around 50% off on Lindybop's website for $29.95 (Aus) £18.  The sizes available, are 8-22.
Other great features to this dress includes the fabric, it's made of a stretch poly fabric with a matte finish. That is 97% polyester and 3% elastane. It also has a concealed back zipper, a deep fitted waistband and a box pleated swing skirt. I also love the front and back V shaped neckline.
I found this dress very comfortable to wear, especially with the fabric that was used and it fits well to my measurements.
Accessories Include:
Cream sandals from Bait Footwear 
Purple wicker handbag from Pinup Girl Clothing 
Bangles are thrifted
Flamingo brooch from Kmart Australia 
Flamingo hoop earrings from Revere Folie 
Hair-flowers from various boutiques
I've been dressing pinup/vintage inspired now for around three to four years and one thing I've always struggled with the most is my hair and creating perfect pinup and vintage inspired hair.  Mainly because my hair is very thick and very stubborn, both of these reasons can make it very hard to create perfect victory rolls and bumper bangs.  Over the last year I do feel that I am improving with my hair especially when it comes to setting pin curls and doing a wet set with sponge hair rollers in my hair.
In Queensland, Australia it does get very hot and humid here in summer and spring, so I mostly like wearing my hair up off my neck.  Because of this I love to try and create a poodle inspired hair-style, as in these photos.  How do you feel I went?
In other news I've just been working, taking blog photos, selling some of my dresses, skirts etc that I don't really want anymore and buying new pretties for myself to wear and feature on my blog.
I'm looking forward to having four days off from work next weekend for Easter, it will be a lovely little break.
In May I have two weeks off from work which will be wonderful, especially as I can wear my pretties and no boring uniforms.

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo