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Friday, 24 October 2014

My Top 10 Favorite Music Acts/Bands/Singers!

This blog post is all about my top 10 favorite music acts, bands and singers.

Starting off with no. 1 as my all time favorite!


I'm a huge fan of Madonna! I just love about every single song of hers!
 I started to like her music when I was about 10 years young. I would listen to "The Immaculate Collection" album, over and over and over. But it wasn't until I was at least 14 years that I started buying more of her albums, then came buying the video's/dvd's, books and other Madonna related merchandise.

I've never seen Madonna "live" in concert though, as I live in Australia and the last time she toured here was back in 1993, and I was too young to go and see her then.
Plus I haven't had the opportunity to see her "live" in another country overseas, due to my lack of money to travel!

2. P!NK

I love nearly every single one of P!nk's songs, her first album, I'm not really a fan off though. Because of the music style of this album!
I really started to get into P!nk's music about 10 years ago after receiving her "Try This" album for my birthday one year. To this day I own her all album releases, music dvd's and some other merchandise related to P!nk.

I've seen P!nk now 2 times "live" in her concerts, for the "I'm not dead tour and the "Funhouse tour". P!nk is a really great entertainer and show woman and she didn't disappoint for both of these shows.


I remember buying No Doubts most popular album "Tragic Kingdom" when I was about 15 years and totally loving all of the songs on their! From there I was hook on this band, especially Gwen and thinking how cool she is.

I also love Gwen's solo music as well and I saw her "live" for one of her shows back in 2007 for the "Sweet Escape Tour".
I'm looking forward to her new album, that's coming out soon.

4. Lady Gaga

I really started to get into Lady Gaga's music after she release the single "Bad Romance", but the first physical CD I actually bought was her "Born this way" album. I now own all her studio album releases!

I've also seen Lady Gaga "live" for her "Born this way" tour back in 2012.
Which was a really great show/concert!

5. Kylie Minogue

I probably didn't get into Kylie's music, until around 10 years ago, after she release "Can't get you out of my head", and the album "Fever".
I actually prefer Kylie's newer music to her older music.
From their I've just about bought all of her albums, dvd releases and so on.

I've also seen Kylie "live" on 2 different occasions, once for "The Homecoming tour" and then the "Aphrodite tour" in 2011.

6. Garbage

I probably started to get into the band Garbage around 14 years ago, whenI went to a music festival and they were one of the acts playing on stage and I thought to myself they are pretty awesome.

So I started buying their albums and really love their music, plus having a female lead singer is a bonus, with the rest of the band being males!

7. Kelly Clarkson

I got into Kelly Clarkson's music after she released her album "Breakaway", I just loved the singles of this album for example "Since you been gone," "Breakaway" and "hazel eyes".

To this day I own all of her albums. I've also seen Kelly "live" in concert for her Breakaway Tour back in 2005.

8. Imelda May

Only in the last six months I've got into Imelda's music, from researching "rockabilly" music online and I came across this gorgeous lady Imelda May, so I started downloading some of her music to listen to and I really loved her songs, they're very catchy and sound really cool!

At the moment she's my current favorite I love listening too.

9. Robbie Williams

I haven't got into Robbie Williams newest music but I really loved his most popular single releases such as "Rock DJ", "Let me entertain you", "Feel", "Angels", "Rudebox" and "Millennium".

I saw Robbie Williams "live" back in 2006 for the "Close Encounters" Tour.
One thing about Robbie he is such a great entertainer and performer!

10. The Eagles

The main reason I got into "The Eagles" music because my Mum is a fan and would play their albums quite frequently, so after a while I started to like their music as well!

Their songs are real true hits and a lot of their songs most people can relate too.

I've also seen this band "live" back in 2005 for their "Farewell 1 tour".

I also love other music acts/bands/singers but above are my top 10, and plus I've seen 8 out of 10 "live" in concert! With the exemption of Madonna and Imelda May. But hopefully one day I'll get the chance to go and see this two ladies in concert!

Do you have similar taste in music?

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo


  1. Ohhh isn't Imelda May just AMAZING? Her songs are amazing and of course she has killer dress sense too :D

    1. Yes I'm really into her music at the moment!!

  2. I saw Garbage live- they're amazing!!!!

    -Lauren Blair