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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Cherry Delicious!

Today's outfit blog post is about these two separate pieces, my black fluffy jumper from Kmart and my new cherry print Jenny skirt from the popular reproduction vintage inspired brand Pinup Girl Clothing  In these photos I'm accessorizing my outfit with my new Gypsy rose heels from the brand Lucky Lou Shoes and my Sourpuss Clothing cherry necklace and hair-scarf.

My black fluffy jumper I bought from Kmart a couple of months ago, as I thought it would go well with some of my skirts/pants plus keep me warm in the winter months here in Australia.
This cherry print Jenny Skirt from the brand Pinup Girl Clothing, I bought from a facebook buy, sell and swap group, from a lady who didn't want this skirt anymore! I knew I had to buy it from her. I love this skirt so much, I adore the cherry print and the red/black/green colours. So you can mix and match a few different colour tops/blouses with this skirt.  This is my third Jenny skirt so far, they are my favorite pinup inspired skirts, as they are made of a sturdy cotton fabric, are awesome to wear with or without a petticoat and great to wear in the summer/winter months.
My black fluffy jumper is from Kmart.
My cherry print skirt is by the brand Pinup Girl Clothing which I bought from a facebook group.
The Gypsy Rose heels are from the brand Lucky Lou Shoes
The red belt is from Pinup Girl Clothing, which I bought from Cherry Tree Lane Fashion (find on facebook).
Cherry necklace and hair-scarf are both from Sourpuss Clothing
Above is a photo of a whole lot of cherries which I found online and wanted to share, for today's Cherry Delicious outfit blog post!

Until next time!


  1. Cherry skirt for Cherry Milla ;) Cute!! XO
    -Lauren Blair

  2. I have this print in the dress version and I love it! It's so cute on you! <3