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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

What a Great Night!

Friday was a busy though exciting day of getting ready for my first ever Pinup Pageant. Which included having my finger nails, hair and make-up professionally done. As well as getting dressed and having a run-through of where/how to parade down the red carpet for the pageant and meeting the rest of the beautiful finalist ladies in the Miss Rockin Maryborough pinup pageant.

My pageant dress I choose to wear was this amazing Bernie Dexter orange print dress and a black petticoat underneath.  I accessorized this dress with a pair of black shoes from a pre-loved clothing and accessories boutique, an oranges necklace from Your One Stop Pinup Shop and a hair-flower from a store I bought at Greazefest a few weeks ago.
 Here I am on the red carpet I was quite disappointed in myself though, as my nerves did get the better of me and I was shaking quite a bit, this was however my first time, and I am quite an introverted person. I do feel though the more I enter pinup pageants the less nervous I will become, when walking/parading down a catwalk or on the stage in front of people.
After the pageant had finished we all had our photos taken, this was one of these photos with a gorgeous pink poodle by the name of Coco Channel. Coco and her owners came up from the Gold Coast (about four hour drive away) to attend the Pageant and the weekend festivities for the Rockin Maryborough Vintage Festival.
 After the pageant most of us, changed out of our pinup outfits and into how Rock and Roll ball gowns.  To attend the Rock and Roll ball and find out who won the title of Miss Rockin Maryborough 2015
My frock, shoes and bangle I choose to wear for the night I bought from a pre-loved clothing boutique on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
After some dancing, mingling and having some fun, the top ten finalist were called up onto the stage to find out who won a title in the first ever Pinup Pageant for Maryborough.
First was the title of Miss Congeniality which was *drum roll* me Miss Cherry Milla!!  I couldn't believe it, that I had actually won a title, I was so happy and thrilled with this. I won a tiara, a sash, a lovely bunch of flowers and a box full of little goodies.
Next it was the title of Miss Adored which went to Miss Ivory Rose, she won this title because she had the most facebook likes on the Miss Rockin Maryborough facebook page.
Then came Runner up which went to Miss Christabelle, this lovely lady was ever so thrilled and happy with her title.
Next was the prestige title of Miss Rockin Maryborough which went to Miss Sapphire Siren. A beautiful young lady, whom has entered quite a number of well known pinup pageants in the past, so she was a well-deserving winner!
Myself aka Miss Contingently with Miss Rockin Maryborough aka Miss Sapphire Siren.

All of the ladies who made it into the top ten, are all such beautiful, amazing, gorgeous ladies. Which I can now call my friends and look forward to catching up with all from time to time in the near future!

My next blog post will be Day 1 and Day 2 (final day) of the vintage festival.

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo


  1. Congratulations on your title, that is so exciting!! I love all of your outfits, especially the Bernie Dexter dress on the red carpet! x

  2. I'm going to call you Sandra Bullock now ;) Congrats! What a lovely evening! XO
    PS- Though different fields, I've recently had to work with my nerves in some situations. My advice is to focus on the fun of why you're doing what you're doing and why it's important to you enough to be putting yourself through something challenging, as opposed to the end goal or what people are thinking. It's helped me stay focused in otherwise nerve-wrecking "all eyes on me" situations. Just my two cents ;)

  3. Yay! Congratulations on winning Miss Congeniality! :D So awesome and super amazing for your first pinup contest!!! :D You look so lovely in your picks! From your pics you can't tell at all that you nervous!

  4. The thought of entering a pinup contest is extremely terrifying to me so I think you've done a great job and looked absolutely beautiful on stage! I love the shot with the pink poodle :D