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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Pinup's Picnic and Pinup Posing!

Last weekend I went to a pinup picnic by the sea, which included a lot of us "pinups" meeting in a park at Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
I actually live a few hours drive away from the Gold Coast, so I ended up staying in a hotel the night before. I arrived at the park where we were all suppose to meet at around 11am.
On the day there were a few professional photographers on location to take pinup style photos individually of us "pinups" at the picnic.
The photo above is by Phil Kustom Photography I love this photo it's so fun and playful.  The photo below is by Chrome-Plated Photography. This one I find is more sultry and serious. Both photos I really love. I actually hope to view some more that was taken of me in the near future.
 On the day I decided to wear my new pineapple print wiggle dress by the brand Collectif   
I accessorized this dress with my bamboo tiki-style bangles, a pineapple printed hair-scarf, my cocktail brooch from Deerarrow  and a pair of sandal wedges from Williams Australia.
Here are some other photos taken on the day, with some lovely "pinup" friends,  I had a great day of getting photos taken, saying hello to friends, meeting new people, having some lunch and laughs.  By 2:30pm I knew it was time to say good-bye and drive the long trip back home again. I look forward to attending another "pinup picnic" in the near future!

 I'm trying to change and experiment with my posing for my blog photos a bit and make them fun and more interesting to all that read/look at my posts.
For example in the above photo I'm trying to sell that I'm loving what I'm looking at in the retro magazine!
In the above and below photos, I'm both happy and shocked of the "news" I'm listening to on the telephone!
I don't know some readers might perceive these photos differently to what I'm trying to sell or portray, please feel free to let me know your thoughts!
For these photos I'm wearing the peach gingham Dee Dee dress by Pinup Girl Clothing
I've accessorized this dress with my Peachy Keen brooch by Atomic Mingo 
a peach colour hair-scarf and a peach colour petticoat from retro market stalls.
This weekend I'm hope to go on another picnic for a friends birthday if it's a nice day and there are no storms or rain about, which we have been getting lately in sunny Queensland!

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo


  1. I love these photos of you! That pinup picnic sounds fun too! You look totally lovely and I love your eyes lined like that! XO

  2. The pinup picnic by the sea looks like it was a super fun event! That's such a great bonus that there were professional photographers there taking pics. I love both your pics from the event and hope you will be able to post more. I love your new style blog photos too. So much fun!

  3. The pinup picnic looked like a lot of fun with so many well dressed ladies! Your pineapple dress is gorgeous too, I just bought the Collectif gypsy pineapple dress. Your poses look fabulous too! x

  4. You look so lovely in all these photos! And the pinup picnic looks like so much fun! Can't go wrong spending time with ladies who have great fashion sense ;)

    xo, Serli