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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Feeling Tropical!

On Sunday afternoon myself and a friend whom also is a vintage fashion blogger meet up for a couple of hours and took photos of each other for both our blogs!  This in the link to Miss Vera Gin Vintage blog
Do feel free to have a look she has a great blog!
We both had such a great time and ended up getting some really awesome photos in many different background settings.
Here is the first round of the photos my friend took of me!
I have totally fallen in love with the play-suit/romper and matching skirt that I recently had especially custom made.  I knew I just had to blog about this outfit as soon as possible!
I just adore the Hawaiian/tropical style fabric print, the pink hibiscus flowers and the green plants, the light cool cotton material, the style and the, love, love this!! So great for summer.
I decided to accessorize this gorgeous outfit with my flamingo sandals from Miss L Fire UK  
bamboo bangles and a pink wooden bangle I bought from local markets and my new double rose hair-flower from Daisy Jean Floral Designs 
I borrowed my friends parasol for some of these photos and my bag in the top photo I bought recently at a local market store for only $1.00.
I'm slowly starting my Christmas shopping, so far I've bought a couple of little items online, I have so much to do though!  But I'll get there by Christmas I hope.
I'm actually expecting a number of packages in the post over the coming weeks before Christmas both for myself and family, I'm very excited about that.  Especially a few dresses that are coming my way...Yay!!  So expect upcoming blog posts on these!

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo


  1. Cute outfit! I love that it's a playsuit with a skirt. I really love that style so much! I have two playsuit and skirt ensembles myself :) Yay for Christmas! I have most of my Christmas shopping done too but I do have a few more to get. I also have a few Christmas presents to myself on the way! ;)

  2. Wow!!! You look absolutely stunning! The outfit is perfection and I love where you have taken photos. Your hair looks lovely too x

  3. Very gorgeous and tropical. It's wet, cold and dark here in the UK, so I am VERY jealous of this stunning setting and your bare limbs! xx

  4. The photos are so fun! I love the dress + parasol too! I'm looking at your friend's blog...NOW! XO