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Monday, 4 January 2016

1920's Styling!

On New Years eve I dressed up in 1920's style for a Gatsby 1920's theme party.  This is the gorgeous gown I wore, which I bought from a young lady who was selling this dress for a really good price on a facebook buy/sell/swap group...I'm not quite sure of the brand etc but I just love the whole art deco style of the dress with the gold sequins, the strapless bodice and the tulle netting.
My friend and follow vintage blogged Miss Vera Gin Vintage  
dressed up too in 1920's and came out with me for the evening.  We both had a lovely time drinking a few cocktail wines, had a lovely meal together, entered the best dressed of the night which neither of us won the title!  We also listened to the band for a while, unfortunately the band didn't suit the theme of the night, as they seemed to play country/soft rock music, not swing style as I assumed the band of the night would have been playing.  So we both decided to leave before midnight and came back to my place and watch a Marilyn Monroe movie titled How to Marry a Millionaire.  We both still saw in the new year though!
I decided to accessorize this gorgeous gown with a pair of my black sandal heels from Target Australia, a costume necklace, earrings and bangle that were given to me a few years ago from various jewelry boutiques and my headpiece which I had made myself.
This year I plan to attend more pinup/rockabilly events, take some great blog photos, especially with Miss Vera Gin Vintage, have professional photoshoots with a couple of photographers in a couple of weeks for my birthday and meet up with another gorgeous and follow vintage blogger in a couple of weeks time.
I also have some new outfits to blogged about in the coming stay tuned!

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo


  1. That's some awesome gold detailing! Very different look to what I went for, but awesome!

  2. Such a fun look!!! I don't think I've seen you in this era before, but it really suits you! XO

  3. You look fantastic! Love that dress!!! x

  4. You look so statuesque in your dress! So gorgeous. Sorry to hear neither of you won anything in the contest. You both look so great! Also that's a bummer about the band. I hope you had a great time regardless! :)

  5. Absolutely stunning!!! That dress is a work of sublime fashion art. Swoon!!!!!!

    ♥ Jessica