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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Country Gal!

This beautiful dress I wanted to share with you all on my blog is from a New Zealand vintage inspired clothing company called V is for Vintage
I came across this brand V is for Vintage via social media, so I decided to take a look at their website and I really loved what I saw!
V is for Vintage or MaeKing (whom is the source for the name of this brand). Mae King spent all her life sewing and she taught her daughter's the art of tailoring. Her daughter Denise is the master seamstress behind the Mae King range, she is also the co-founder and fashion director of V is for Vintage. There is also Kirstin whom is also the co-founder, designer and of course wearer of the MaeKing range. V is for Vintage sell women's dresses, tops and skirts along with Men's tops and waistcoats.
This dress is called The Hip to be Square dress and is inspired by the 1950's American styled square dancing dresses and patio sets.
On the website this dress is actually green, but I asked for a light blue fabric instead, which was kindly accepted and sourced for me by the lovely team of V is for Vintage.
This dress ranges from size 6 right up to size 28, I sent my measurements though, so this dress would fit perfectly on me.
The light blue fabric is made out of cotton, has black and white ribbon trimmings around the neckline and on the ruffled tiers of the skirt. This dress also has a back zipper, a black bow on the fitted bodice and short puffed sleeves.

This frock is really "out of the box" for me, as it's a type of style I haven't actually worn before - but as soon as I saw it on the website, I just had to order it, as I don't own any Western/Country inspired dresses.  I do adore this dress, only little downside is the neckline it's just a bit too high for my own personal taste, apart from that this dress is such a beautiful dress to wear!
I wore one of my petticoat's underneath for more structure and shape to the dress.
I highly recommend on ordering yourself something from the New Zealand vintage inspired brand V is for Vintage.
Accessories Include:
Cowboy boots from a ebay seller
Belt is from a Lindybop dress
Erstwilder Picnic Portrait Brooch ordered through Vintage Pip
Bangles are thifted
Retro sunglasses from an ebay seller
Earrings are from Colette by Colette Hayman
I knew I had to take "country" inspired photos with this dress and I found these park-lands, that looked and felt very "country" inspired to me.  I took these blog photos myself with my tripod and camera, I did receive some quick glaces by people walking through the park-lands, but I kept telling and reminding myself, don't worry about what they're thinking, just keep smiling and posing!
I do prefer having someone to take my photos though as it's not as awkward. On occasions I do have to take my own blog photos.
In other news I had my professional photo-shoot over the weekend, I've seen some of the photos so far and they're looking awesome, I had a fun couple of hours taking photos in and around such a beautiful vintage car.  I hope to share some photos with you all, real soon!

Also I'm looking forward to attending my first Cooly Rocks On, down at Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, in a couple of weeks time. It should be a fun weekend of all things retro, rockabilly, vintage and pinup inspired! I have some outfits lined up that I'm wanting to wear.

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo

 Note: All words & opinions in this blog post are written entirely on my own.


  1. luuuuv your blog! :) it's so fun and colorful! :)


  2. I don't think I've seen a reproduction patio dress before, this one looks very authentic and I love the black silk bow on the bodice. Looking forward to seeing you at Cooly and the outfit you decide to wear :D

    1. why thank-you, yes looking forward to going to Cooly this year for the first time! xo

  3. This dress is amazing and looks like it was made for you! I am loving the dark lipstick on you too x

  4. Love this dress on you and love the photos! You captured the feeling of the dress perfectly with this forest background! That is amazing too to hear how V is for Vintage will customize a dress so well! I love that you were able to pick out the color of the dress and send in your measurements for a perfect fit! <3

  5. That is truly one of my favourite repro dresses I've ever seen. What a sweet, classic style that just sings with feminine charm. It looks marvelous on you, too, may I add.

    Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica, you comments are always so beautiful to read! xo

  6. What a fun dress! Great scenery too! Yeah, people walking by is annoying but it's best to ignore it like you did! XO