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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Country Fiesta!

I purchased this gorgeous dress a few weeks ago from an Australian company that sells rockabilly/pinup/vintage inspired clothing called Aunty Charmings Rockabilly
It's made in the US by the brand Bettie Page Clothing and is called Sugar Beat (fiesta stripe).
As soon as I saw this dress hanging on the rack in Aunty Charmings market store, I wanted it!  I love the colours and the Mexican style print with the guitars, sombrero hats, cactus plants, pottery and stripes.
This dress is made from a soft woven cotton material and is very comfortable to wear.  Other features include the red band around the waist, pleated skirt, cap sleeves and a plunging neckline and back. Note: I had to place one of my brooches (lady beetle) in the neckline, so it wouldn't gape and for the sleeves to stay up on my shoulders and not fall down consistently.
Sizing ranges from 4 right up to 26, there are still some sizes in this exact dress on both the Bettie Page ($128 US) and Aunty Charmings ($100 AUS) websites plus shipping costs.
Accessories Include:
Shoes from Bait Footwear 
Wicker handbag thrifted
Bangles thrifted
Red hoop earrings Revere Folie
Hair-scarf from ebay seller
These photos for this week's blog post were taken by a follow pinup friend at her beautiful Queenslander homestead, my friend and her husband's home is located on acreage in the outskirts of Gympie, Queensland.
We had a lovely afternoon together, eating yummy food, chatting and taking photos for my blog!
Here is a link to a youtube video about my friend and her entering "pinup pageants/competitions:
Miss Blondie Bubbles - Youtube Video

Please watch it, if you can, it's very entertaining!
In other news, over the weekend just gone I went down to the beach to take blog photos and got really burnt on my back and shoulders.  I didn't apply sunscreen, naughty me I know! I shall be applying sunscreen from now on, especially now it's starting to come into summer here where I live in Australia.
This weekend I plan to drive to Brisbane, Queensland to attend a pinup picnic in the park on Sunday (had a lovely time last year and this one is going to be even bigger and better).  Also I'll be taking blog photos down there at a another beautiful old manor/homestead.
Plus catch up with family and friends as well.

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo


  1. I've been waiting to see this dress on your blog and you look amazing!! The fabric is so fun (I love my jumpsuit in this print) and your shoes look great with this dress, love them! It sounds like you had a lovely time visiting your friend and it is such a beautiful place for photos. It sounds like you have some great plans for the weekend! x

    1. Thanks Kayla, yes the fabric is so fun on this dress and your jumpsuit! :)

  2. Gorgeous dress! So perfect on you! It really suits you well. I really love the Queenslander you shot the pics with too. Such a lovely house. Sorry you got burnt at the beach! Ouch! Hope you have a great time at the pinup picnic! <3 I remember your post from that last year :)

    1. Thank-you so much, I hope I have a great time too! :)

  3. What a fantastic cheery print! This dress suits you very well. I was excited to see it on you after seeing Kayla's jumpsuit version. Sounds like it's heating up down there whilst we are in hat and gloves weather - I'm jealous!! X

    1. Don't be too jealous of our weather, it's been really hot the last week where I live in Australia!

  4. You look gorgeous as always! You have the kind of colorful style I really like and you were nice accessories, so your outfits work as great inspiration :)

    1. Thank-you so much for your wonderful comments! xo

  5. The print on that dress is so cute! I love it paired with those BAITs, too. I've been wanting to try out that style of BAITs, but haven't yet.
    Ugh, I know all about sunburn. I'm quite pale, and need to apply A LOT of sunblock multiple times a day if I'm going to be spending the day outside in really warm weather.

    1. Thanks so much Bristol for your lovely comments! xo