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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Road Trip!

This is the first dress that I've owned by Australian business Pigtails and Pirates
The print on this dress sold it for me, as I do love retro caravans!  I also adore the classic cars and families enjoying a "road trip holiday" together and the lime green background.
Unfortunately this print is now sold out on the Pigtails and Pirates web-page, but there are many other wonderful, fun and cute prints to choose from. 
As well as dresses, there are skirts, play-suits and children's clothing you can order.  If you live in Australia Pigtails and Pirates offer AfterPay to pay for your dress, skirt etc. This is like lay-by, but you get the garment straight away, and still pay it of on a fortnightly basis.
The material on this dress is a light cotton, great to wear in the summer.  It's lined in the bodice and has a back zipper.  Also this dress has capped sleeves, a princess seamed bodice and a full circle skirt (I wore a petticoat underneath to give more shape and full-ness).
I asked the owner and dressmaker Laura of Pigtails and Pirates if I could have the bust area custom made to fit. Which of course she said yes to!  
I highly recommend on ordering from Pigtails and Pirates if you after a unique outfit that has a fun and quirky print to it!
Accessories Include:
Red flats from Bait Footwear 
Radio brooch by Erstwilder
Cat-eye glasses from an ebay seller
Red hair-scarf from Daisy Jean Floral
Bangles from Vintage Pip (Business is closing down soon)
Earrings from Colette by Colette Hayman
This week's blog photos were taken at home, I wanted to take photos with a retro caravan but they're so hard to come by.  My next door neighbor owns a caravan so I took photos next to it, it was the next best thing I could come up with.  As I do try my best to find locations that suit the dress/outfit look, style and print!
In other news I need to try and lose some weight, because I'm feeling unfit and tired at work, plus some of my dresses are starting to feel tight on me...oh no!!  I've started exercising again and trying to eat more healthy.
Apart from that I've just been working, trying to save money to go away with next month to Ballarat Beat and taking photos for my blog, on my weekends off from work.

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry


  1. Super cute print, you'll have to get your own retro caravan one day! The red flats are nice too, they pick out the red in the print. Good luck with your goals xx

    1. Yes that's my dream to own a retro caravan! :)

  2. Love this dress, the colours, print and cute are so gorgeous! You look amazing and your home looks great for photos, you have such a lovely yard and it is convenient that the neighbours have a caravan too! x

  3. Love the dress! I've been meaning to try Pigtails and Pirates for forever now but just haven't pulled the trigger yet. Good luck with your next health adventures! XO

    1. Thank-you so much Lauren, it's such a gorgeous dress! xo

  4. That print is so darn cute, and I love those BAITs paired with the dress. I haven't tried that brand yet, but I know they use some really great fabrics!

    1. Thank-you so much Bristol, yes if you ever get a chance to order from Pigtails and Pirates please do! :)

  5. Such a fun and pretty print! Love the colors on you too. <3