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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

In The Tropics!

I saw this stunning dress come up on sale for a really great price a couple of months ago on Zulily
naturally I purchased one straight away in my size!  It's called Laura Brynes California Alfreda Dress in Hawaiian Baton Rouge Floral print by Pinup Girl Clothing.  You can still purchase this exact dress through Pinup Girl Clothing it currently retails for $140.00 (US) and ranges from sizes XS right up to 4X.
I love the print and colours to this dress, when I first saw this dress online I thought the leaves were more of a yellow colour. To my surprise, when I opened up my package I saw that the leaves on it were actually a lime green!  I also love the purple flowers scattered over this dress and the bust line.
This dress is made from a heavy cotton fabric and has hidden lipstick pockets.  It also has a full-swing skirt, a back zip and short cap sleeves.  Along with the tropical inspired print the bust design is visually stunning and really suits this style of dress so well.
Accessories Include:
Wicker purse thrifted
Gold sandals from Lotta from Stockholm
Hibiscus hair-flower from Soda Sweethearts
Tucan Brooch from Erstwilder
Tiki bangles from various boutiques
Earrings from Revere Folie
Fan and sunglasses were gifted to me
 This week's blog photos were taken at a nursery and parklands in Queensland called Bamboo Land
I have taken photos previously here for my blog before, I knew it would make a great backdrop for this dress and blog photos.  Even though it was late in the afternoon, it was so hot and humid trying to take these photos.  That's living in the Queensland tropics throughout summer though!
 In other news I'm now home from visiting Ballarat, Victoria and checking out Ballarat Beat
I had a great few days down there, my Mum, sister and I stayed in a three bedroom cute little house for four nights.
 We checked out some vintage/antique stores where I scored a couple of beautiful vintage hats, we went out for lunch and dinner at a couple of lovely cafes, went on a tram ride and Mum took blog photos of me at the local botanical gardens that I shall share on my blog next week.
At the Ballarat Beat rockabilly festival on the Saturday - Mum, my sister and myself looked around the market stalls, I ended up purchasing a few goodies for myself including a cute wicker basket, a hair-flower and a pair of vintage earrings.  Then we sat and watched the Pinup competition for a couple of hours, that was quite different as it had several categories including Miss Classique to Miss Geekabilly to Mr Ballarat Beat and more.
On Sunday I went on my own to Ballarat Beat (my Mum and sister didn't want to come, as it's not really there thing).  I checked out the vintage cars, brought a few more goodies for myself including a dress, a necklace and another pair of earrings. I also meet a few ladies that I'd been following on instagram for a while.  Meeting people you follow on social media can be a little strange but amazing at the same time!
All in all I don't know if I would attend Ballarat Beat again as there are so many fun rockabilly/pinup festivals right here where I live in Queensland, but I'm happy that I did up attending and checking out Ballarat Beat for myself!

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo


  1. That's such a snazzy print, the colours are bold and beautiful - perfect for the tropics! I'm glad you enjoyed Ballarat Beat, and look forward to seeing what you bought xx

  2. Such lovely colours and a lovely dress. Also, that backdrop is a dream.

  3. Such a beautiful dress and those colours are absolutely stunning on you! I loved seeing your Ballarat Beat photos on Instagram, looks like you had fun! x

    1. Yes I did have a good time thanks Kayla and thank-you for your kind comments! xo

  4. Oh Wow! I didn't even know they sold Pinup Girl Clothing on Zulily! Such a great find! <3 Gorgeous dress on you and so perfect with your coloring. Sounds like you had a wonderful time away. That's so fun that you got to run into people that you follow on social media. I've never had the opportunity to say I've done the same!

    1. Oh thank-you so so much! Yeah it is fun meeting all the Australian gorgeous ladies I follow on instagram etc! :)

  5. This Alfreda dress looks great on you! I've been curious to try one of PUG's Alfreda dresses for awhile now. And that's awesome you got it cheaper through Zulilly!
    That sunds like a fun festival, and you're lucky you have so many you can go to nearby where you live.

    1. Thank-you so much Bristol, I wish I could attend Viva though, hopefully one year soon I will! :)

  6. What a pretty dress! You gotta love Zulily! I thought it looked yellow too! It must be the way the camera picks it up; some colors just don't read on camera! XO