Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Floral Crown!

I've been wanting a "floral-hair crown" for a while now, after seeing other pinup/vintage inspired ladies wearing floral-hair crowns and really admiring them.
A few months ago at Ballarat Beat (a rockabilly festival) I came across a market store called  Georgie Girl by Sandra and admired all her beautiful unique hair-flower creations. At the time I purchased a few pretties from her.  A couple of months ago I ended up messaging Georgie Girl by Sandra and asking her if she could custom make me a hair-flower crown to wear and feature on my blog.  Thankfully she said yes! It was her first time making a flower crown custom piece!  Sandra ended up creating a wonderful piece and I love it!  She attached pretty little pink, white and yellow flowers onto a solid headband.  Personally, doing it this way the headband felt secured and sat on my head perfectly.
Georgie Girl by Sandra is located in Adelaide, Australia.  I highly recommend on ordering a custom made, hand crafted piece for yourself, whether it's a flower crown, similar to mine or a unique hair-flower creation to wear with your special outfit.
This floral 1940's inspired dress I'm wearing is from a UK brand called Pretty Retro
It's the 40's Tea dress in pink floral. I love the floral print and the 1940's inspired style.  This dress is very lightweight, ideal to wear in spring and summer.  It's made from 100% polyester.  There are not many sizes left in this print, though there are other lovely prints and style dresses to choose from on Pretty Retro's website.
This dress features a gathered bust-line, with a little tie on the sweetheart neckline. It also has cute little sleeves. There are no zips or buttons, you just pull this dress over your head, due to the bias style.  There is no ironing required either! It's such a pretty little summer inspired dress.
Accessories Include:
Robbie Heels from Bait Footwear
Pink wicker handbag from Pinup Girl Clothing
Beaded necklace from Collectif Clothing
Green back-seam stocking by What Katie Did
Bangles are thrifted
I'm finding myself purchasing/ordering more 1940's style dresses at the moment.  Mainly because of the style and cut of the dresses.  Also I don't have to worry about finding and wearing a full/fluffy petticoat underneath.  I admire how 40's style dresses can be very feminine and cute, with the beautiful fabrics, the gorgeous prints and the different cuts and designs.
These style dresses can show more of your curves of, due to the A-line skirt shape. It's then a matter, if you feel comfortable with wearing a 1940's style dress to a 1950's swing skirt dress!
In other news I'm back at work, from having a couple of weeks off and I'm in full-swing being back at work this week. This weekend's actually a three day weekend...yay!  This will be the last long weekend though for quite some time unfortunately. I'm back to working five day a week until my next lot of holidays, hopefully towards the end of October.
This weekend I have plans to go to some antique shops with my Mum and sister and hopefully take some more photos for my blog.

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo


  1. I think this more '40s style suits you! Big skirts are great but they can be a pain on public transport or windy days! I was dying to see this PR dress on you, the colours are so pretty. No wonder they've sold out of many sizes. I was glad I snapped mine up, haven't worn it yet but it's sunny for the next few days so I'm hoping to take it for a spin! Gorgeous flower crown X

    1. Thanks so much Porcelina, I'm looking forward to seeing photos of you in your dress! :)

  2. Sorry, I've been slow with blogs lately!! What a fun outfit! I'm actually not super into floral crowns but I think this looks LOVELY on you! Like, it just fits!! Definitely embrace this trend lady because you own it! XO

    1. Thanks so much Lauren, for your lovely comments! xo

  3. This is such a beautiful outfit, you look amazing as always! I love this flower crown and I totally want more after purchasing my first one recently. You always look so lovely in pink and 40s styles look perfect on you x

    1. Oh thank-you so much for your lovely comments Kayla! xo

  4. That dress is really pretty on you, and the BAIT Robbies match it perfectly! I wear my Robbies so much; they're just so comfortable and easy to wear. I haven't tried a flower crown yet, but I love the colors in yours!

    1. Thanks Bristol, yes Robbies are great to wear, I want another colour! :)