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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

All The Purple!

I adore the Harlequin Bobbie Jumpers by Miss Fortune UK this is actually my second harlequin jumper I own.  The first one is the Peach colour, I blogged and reviewed it last year here is the link to it:  Peachy Keen
This particular Harlequin Bobbie Jumper is called "lavender fields".  I love the purple colours and the harlequin/diamond print.  The short sleeve jumpers are made from a stretchy acrylic, and are quite comfortable and warm to wear.  As these jumpers are cropped to the waist level, I find they are great to wear with high-waist trousers, jeans and skirts.
Because of the short sleeves, I would recommend wearing these harlequin jumpers under a jacket or coat on a really cold day. 
Sizes range from XS up to XXL and are available to purchase for £37.99 or around $65 (Aus) plus shipping costs.
There are many other colours to choose from through Miss Fortune.
I really highly recommend ordering yourself one or a couple of these harlequin jumpers by Miss Fortune UK!
These gorgeous wide swing trousers are from Daisy Dapper and are the "Dorothy Pants in Pink". These pants are very comfortable and stylish to wear and are made from 62% cotton, 35% polyester and 3% lycra.  They are a zip down the front, two front pockets, belt loops and they come with a matching belt.
The sizes range from XS up to XXL, there are only a few sizes left to choose from. The other colours of purple, teal, green, red and blue, have many sizes left to order and purchase.
These trousers are available to purchase for £89.30 or around $153 (Aus) plus shipping costs.
Accessories Include:
Pink retro basket by Sun Jellies
Pink sandals from Bait Footwear
Hair-scarf from Louella Deville
Hoop earrings from Revere Folie
Bangles are thrifted
Brooch from Soda Sweethearts
Purple bead necklace from Susan Jane Jewellery 

It's actually winter here in Queensland, Australia.  This means I can finally wear my swing trousers/pants, jumpsuits, stockings/tights, jumpers and cardigans.  I don't really enjoy the cold and at times I do find it hard to get warm!  I do love being able to wear my warm vintage inspired fashions and not sweating my make-up off.  What is your least and favorite thing about winter?
In other news I'm going to a rockabilly festival called Beachfest this weekend down at Caloundra, Queensland.  I'm staying down their on Saturday night at a holiday resort.  It should be a good weekend of checking out the market stores, looking at the vintage cars, watching a pinup competition and catching up with some friends.  I also plan to take photos for my blog as well, I have quite a number of outfits I have to take photos off and review on my blog for you all in the coming weeks/months! 

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo

 Note: All words & opinions in this blog post are written entirely on my own.


  1. Fabulous colours!! Love the shade of pink in the trousers in particular. What you're wearing could easily work now for a British summer, it's so much cooler here than Aus. I think I'd melt in your temperatures! Xx

    1. Ha ha, yes you sure does get really hot and humid here! Actually I think England's summers are like Queensland winters lol