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Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Hi all,  my name is Camilla and I'm 32 years young (even though i don't feel or act like it at times!!)
I live in beautiful Queensland, Australia (which is a great country to live in).  I work in an Aged Care facility as a personal carer - which is very hard work but it pays the bills etc.

I just recently got into rockabilly/pinup/50's reproduction type clothing and fashion, mainly because i have recently lost weight and wanted to change my look and fashion sense. This type of fashion is very feminine, unique and any female body shape can look so awesome wearing this fashion style. The photo above I'm wearing a beautiful pinup dress by the label "Hellbunny". My Mum bought this dress for me for Christmas (2013). It's a little big in the chest area but I still love it!

I'm a big fan of Madonna I just love her music, style and how she keeps reinventing herself. I've been a fan ever since i was about 14 years young. I'm yet to go and see her live though - as she never comes to Australia! :(

I also love anything to do with Paris/Eiffel tower type things (e.g. coffee mugs, prints, accessories), I also love going on holidays, spending time with family and friends, listening to music, dancing, social networking especially facebook and instagram, and watching movies occasionally.
I'm on the far right.

I'm currently single and have no children - hopefully one day this will change soon!

Every now and then I'll try and post on here anything to do with my fashion loves and style!
Until next time Cherrymilla xo