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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

My first rockabilly/pinup dress I ever owned!

About three years ago I had a wedding to go to and I needed to buy a new dress to wear for the occasion. So I started looking for dresses on ebay, to find a bargain but nothing really caught my eye.

Then i thought about my friend who was really into the "rockabilly scene", so for fun I decided to look up rockabilly dresses, and let me say wow i was amazed! I didn't realize there were so many different styles out "there" to buy!

But at this stage i was somewhat overweight and didn't want to wear a dress that was tight fitting (e.g. a wiggle dress), so I narrowed it down to a swing/full skirt dress. Also I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a dress I might only wear once, then sit in my cupboard for like forever. So I decided on a budget.

 From there i knew the dress i was going to buy!

It was this dress above it's from the brand "Chic Star".

"Chic Star" is a low budget brand that stocks repro dresses, skirts and petticoats.
I've also wore this dress a year later on a cruise, and recently I've had it taken it because of my weight loss!
This is me wearing the dress at the wedding. (2011)

This is a recent photo of me wearing and styling this awesome dress. (2014)
But it wasn't until my weight loss and after joining Instagram and following all the lovely ladies who also wear this type of fashion that i really got more into the rockabilly/pinup fashion styling!
So for about a year now I've really started to buy reproduction dresses, skirts, tops etc that have a 50's flare and are from all different rockabilly/pinup brands!

What was your first rockabilly/pinup/50's outfit?

Until next time! Cherrymilla xo

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