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Friday, 19 September 2014

My love of Instagram

I just love looking at all the awesome and beautiful photos on "Instagram"!
For about a year now I've been using the popular social networking site "Instagram" which I really love and enjoy using!

I'm slowly building a following on my own account which is @cherry_milla  please feel free to follow me!

My own personal photos which are called "posts" mainly include my outfit of the day choices and how I style these. Also any new personal items i have bought myself, personal daily images and competition entries.

It's really cool and makes it fun when you actually start growing a number of followers and receive likes or even comments from these followers on your posts, and even better still when you receive a regular following! (the same personal accounts liking and commenting on your posts).
This is an example of some of my outfit posts.

I also follow a number of instagram accounts as well and regularly like or comment on their posts!
But I only follow the accounts that I'm really interested in! For example similar outfit/fashion styling posts (rockabilly/pinup/cute/chic/vintage styling etc). I also follow some fashion brand accounts (e.g. Pinup girl clothing, Sourpuss), some celebrity accounts ( e.g. Madonna, Kylie Minogue) and even some of my personal friends accounts.

If you create your own account you get to make up your own username (e.g. don't have to use your own name like facebook) which I like, so strangers that look at your posts don't know your real name.

These photos are another example of my outfit posts.

From using Instagram on a daily basis I have gained a lot of fashion inspiration and ideas just from  following the accounts I like and want to follow. Just by looking at my Instagram feed regularly.  I also love seeing who I follow, what they get up to in their "everyday life". It does seem strange to non Instagram users but it feels like you get to know someone well, without meeting or even talking to them!
Here is an example of my personal items/life posts.

Do you use and like Instagram?

Until next time Cherrymilla xo

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