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Monday, 22 September 2014

My top 10 loves and interests

1. My (immediate) Family  - because they are everything to me, I love my family very much! We are all so close and we all get along (most of the time).

My family - since this photo was taken I have now got a beautiful niece and nephew.

2. My girlfriends - most I've known since High School, and I love catching up with them all, whenever I get the chance.

3. My cats - at present we have 4 of them. Their names are Brandy (16 years), Bo (5 years), Latte (1 year) and Angel (1 year). RIP Kimba and Eli!  Even though each cat can be extremely annoying at times, I still love all my cats, as they really do become part of the family.

Clockwise from the top right Latte, Angel, Brandy and Bo.

 4. Shopping - Either online or going to a shopping centre. I like window shopping but most preferably I rather actually buy clothes, shoes, bags or any other fashion accessories. Looking at and buying new things, makes my feel happy!

5. Madonna - I'm such a big fan, which I have been now for quite some time. I love her music, how she can easily re-invent herself and how she's not afraid to push boundaries - well she is the Queen of pop after all!

 6. Listening and dancing to music and even going to concerts - Some of my favorite music stars/acts are: Pink, Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, No Doubt, Garbage, Kelly Clarkson, Robbie Williams, The Eagles and most recently Imelda May. I've also seen most of these acts in concert, I love seeing someone "live in concert". It's quite fun and exciting.

7. Going on a holiday - preferably somewhere I've never been before and either with family or friends. But it does help if you actually have money to go away somewhere!

8. Collecting Paris/Eiffel tower, cherry and flamingo themed items - This includes mugs, plates, prints, clothing, bags, furniture and jewellery. All three are so pretty, chic and cute, which I love.  

Cherry necklace, flamingo ornament, Paris fabric print and a Paris suitcase.
 9. Social networking such as Facebook and Instagram - I love looking and reading at what people post on their wall or feed.

10. Fashion/clothing - Most recently rockabilly/pinup and 50's style fashions, as this style is so unique, feminine and beautiful.

I love how beautiful and colorful this type of fashion is.
Have you got similar likes/loves?

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo

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