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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Hearts and Roses London

This is my review on the vintage reproduction clothing brand called "Hearts and Roses London" or
"H & R London".

This brand is based in the UK. "H & R" mainly sell dresses but they also sell coats, petticoats and trousers.

I bought my first "H & R" dress about six months ago from ebay as I liked the look and style of it and it was on sale for a reasonable price, the dress the model is wearing in the picture below is what I bought for myself.

I love this design, the white poker dots on the blue background and also the buttons on the front of this dress.

Most of their dresses have a black tulle around the bottom edging to make it look like a petticoat underneath.
"Hearts and Roses London" do have their own website but it's only for wholesale retail customers not for general everyday customers. But you can find most of their dresses anywhere that sell rockabilly/alternative or pinup/vintage fashions and also from ebay.

This is me personally styling this gorgeous dress, with an actual petticoat underneath.
I bought another dress from this brand about three months ago from a little retail shop called "Poison Kandy Klothing" their based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. They do have their own facebook page. If you want to look them up!
This is the dress below that the model is wearing.
I love the floral print on this dress, it's so pretty.

I find the two dresses I do own from this brand are very true to size and fit very well for my body shape. For being a budget type of brand, their dresses are very well made, I also like the length of most of their dresses. Even though this brand is not "well known", I still like their clothing.

I really like the floral print on this dress, it's very pretty.

Most of their dresses retail from low to medium prices usually ($40 - $70). Which can be quite affordable, to add to your growing fashion collection or if your just after something a "bit unique" in your wardrobe!

Do you own anything from the brand "Hearts and Roses London?"

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo

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