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Monday, 29 September 2014

Thanks for facebook - Mark Zuckerberg!

I joined facebook in 2008, after a cousin of mine told me to join up, she said "I would probably get in touch/contact with long lost friends". 

At first I was somewhat skeptical about it, that I, actually would find my friends on their that I lost contact with over the years. (I had moved away from the city I grew up in, to another town a few hours away with my family).

But after joining a past "school" facebook group, well it wasn't long until the friend request's started coming in, mainly from my former school peers. By looking up their "friends list" and so on I soon found all my closest girlfriends I used to go to school with! 
I was so excited and happy by this!

After accepting friend requests etc, I got in contact with them all and organized a "catch up". Until this day we still all try to get together from time to time. To celebrate birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Christmas get togethers and we've also been away together for a couple of nights!

This is one of our "ladies only" get together's (friends birthday)
Currently my friends on facebook include family members, school friends/peers,  work friends/collegues, Madonna friends/acquaintances and most recently some instagram friends.

On my personal facebook page I often post up pictures of interest, personal photos, status updates and links, recently including  my own blog link up. 
I also follow quite a number of group pages, fashion and celebrity pages as well.

This is one of the first pictures I uploaded onto facebook. (2008)
This is a recent photo I uploaded up at a Madonna dance party! (2014)
I enjoy using facebook to read status updates, look at pictures/photos, and use private chat to "chat with some friends".
I used to play some games on their but I don't anymore, as they just get too addicting and time consuming!
I also change my cover and profile photos regularly as well - just for a change!

This is a recent cover photo of mine.

This is one of my profile photos.

Facebook for me is the only way to "know what my friends get up to on a daily basis and to also stay in the loop"!
Why do you use facebook?

Until next time.
Cherrymilla xo

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