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Thursday, 2 October 2014

I love Erstwilder brooches

My love for Erstwilder brooches began at the start of the year after seeing lots of ladies on instagram wearing them and thinking to myself how cute and unique they are!
This is the official website: 
But you can buy any of the items from numerous online/actual clothing and accessories boutiques and from ebay. Just "Google" - Erstwilder!

As well as this brand designing and selling layered resin brooches they also sell necklaces, rings and earrings.
 The Erstwilder collection is designed in Melbourne. Originally by a lady named Louisa Camille, but due to the high growing demand of this brand - there has recently been an expansion and now there is a design team of three.

All of the items are inspired for women who love rockabilly, vintage and retro fashions and accessories.
Most of these designs are animals/birds/reptiles etc.

February this year I bought my Mum a peacock brooch, as my Mum loves anything to do with peacocks! 
I bought the brooch from a rockabilly/pinup fashion boutique called - "your one stop pinup shop" This is their offical website: 

This is the peacock design brooch I bought for my Mum.
Earlier this year I found and bought my very own first Erstwilder brooch, from a vintage/retro fair, that visited the town, where I live. The brooch is a red cat design, I had to buy it, as I love cats and the color red!

This is the cat brooch and me wearing and personally styling this.

  The second Erstwilder brooch I found and bought was from ebay, is a sparrow design, I love the colors, and I thought that it is very rockabilly and retro!

This is the sparrow brooch and me wearing and personally styling it.
The most recent Erstwilder brooch I've bought was from the "Woolloongabba Antique Centre" in Brisbane, Queensland. This is their website:  This brooch is a very cute poodle design which I also had to buy! As I knew it would go well with some of my Paris print clothing.

This is the poodle brooch and again me wearing and styling it.

The brooch in the photo below in the only other Erstwilder brooch at this stage I have considered on buying is the flamingo design one, again to go with some of my flamingo print clothing!

I would highly recommend on buying yourself one of the Erstwilder accessory design items because of their high quality, and for the designs being so cute and unique!

Do you own anything from the Erstwilder collection?

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo

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