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Monday, 6 October 2014

My Custom made skirts - by Betty Le Bonbon!

Early on in the year I had two circle/swing skirts custom made by "Betty Le Bonbon, cheek boutique". Both skirts I really love, so this is my review on this awesome company!

"Betty Le Bonbon" is an Australian (Melbourne) custom made clothing boutique, the company mainly create and sell their own skirts, petticoats and from time to time dresses.

Their motto is "vintage styles for the modern pinup". "Betty Le Bonbon" are mostly known though for their custom made circle/swing and gathered skirts.

The company's website is

I came across this design company on instagram and I loved the skirt fabric prints, so then I decided that I would inquire, about getting myself a couple of skirts custom made!

I found their facebook page and looked at all of the fabric prints that were available. Then I sent a personal message to the company to gain all details on how to get myself a couple of these wonderful skirts made!

Below are the prints I choose:
A flamingo and a Paris scene fabric print
 "Betty Le Bonbon" offer payment plans, which is a bonus and a help, especially if your on a budget!

All you have to do is put down a deposit payment (usually $30), then once a fornight put down another payment, until you paid the skirt/s off! You have up to 10 weeks to pay for items.
Once payment is complete, then your skirts are ready to be custom made! 

Here I'm wearing the Paris print without a petticoat and the flamingo print with a petticoat.
 I really love the unique fabric print and the quality of these skirts, you can wear them with or without a petticoat and both look great!

I highly recommend on ordering a skirt through "Betty Le Bonbon, Cheek boutique". For something that is "Australian made" and unique at the same time. 

The creator of "Betty Le Bonbon, cheek boutique" is a lovely lady named Jasmine!

This is me personally styling the Paris print skirt.

This is me recently personally styling the flamingo print skirt.

Have you had any clothing items custom made by "Betty Le Bonbon" or any other Australian design company?

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo


  1. Loving that Parisian print skirt! Looks fabulous!

    1. Thanks Amber for the lovely comments, I'll check out your blog! :-)

  2. These skirts are to die for! I'm definitely going to have to check out their site! Be warned though: I may very well pick out the same prints you did haha!

    Lauren Blair