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Thursday, 9 October 2014

My Top 5 Fashion Accessories Wish List!

This blog post is all about the top 5 fashion accessories, that i hope to buy myself in the near future or to be given as Christmas/Birthday gifts! (hint, hint)

Starting my wish list of with:

No. 1     A Pinup Couture wicker purse

I love either the (baguette) lavender or the red (purse) one.

I have been eying of these handbags for a while now, as I love the look and style of them. Also they would go so great with some of my outfits! The main reason I haven't as of yet got around to buying myself one is because of the price!
From the actual Pinup Girl Clothing website:  they're priced at $78 (US) each, plus shipping costs to Australia, so it does end up being quite costly for a handbag.
I have also seen these bags on some Australian websites as well ranging between $80 - $120.
I probably will wait for a sale on one of the websites to purchase myself one of these gorgeous handbags!

No. 2    A Rockabilly/Pinup Sun Parasol

Rockabilly/pinup sun parasols.

I really would like to invest in my own unique parasol! As I think they're a great addition to any vintage, rockabilly or pinup outfit, they can also help protect you from the sun! I want one to take with me to any rockabilly/50's/vintage festivals I may attend in the near future.
To buy a good quality one they price between $20 - $50.
I've seen these for sale on some websites, etsy and ebay. For example the Sourpuss clothing website sell them.

No. 3   Luxulite brooch

Luxulite brooches

I've seen many ladies on instagram wearing these and they look real cute. Especially when they suit the outfit style for example the color and theme. I hope to buy one for myself in the near future, to go with some of my outfits!
These brooches are for purchase on etsy the actual website is:
The price range for a brooch is usually between $10 - $40 (US) plus shipping.
The lady (UK seller) that designs,makes and sell these brooches also sells earrings and necklaces.

No. 4    Tiki bamboo bangles

Tiki bamboo bangles - plain and color ones.

These bangles look so cool with Hawaiian/tiki/tropical theme outfits! I would love to accessorize these with some of my tropical theme skirts/dresses.
I've seen these style of bangles to buy both on ebay and etsy. Also to purchase on this website:
The price range is approximately $5 upwards for each bangle.

No.  5

LadyRowe hair-flowers

I've also seen these beautiful hair-flower pieces on instagram and have thought to myself wow these are really gorgeous pieces to accessorize with rockabilly/pinup theme outfits!
The beautiful lady (Australian) who designs, and sell these flowers has her own etsy website where you can buy direct from. The website is:
I've also seen them for sale on a couple of Australian boutique websites for example "Stars and Swallows" and "Gwynnies Emporium".
The price range is usually between $25.00 - $40.00 plus postage.

Do you own any of these top 5 accessories or wish to buy any yourself?

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo

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  1. Omg the parasol and bangles are TO DIE FOR!!! Love your fun taste, girl!! XOXO

    -Lauren Blair