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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Some of my Favorite Homewares!

For this blog post I want to show you some of my favorite personal home-wares and why they are special to me!

The first one would have to be my zebra heel shaped seats. As soon as I saw these is a local furniture store I just had to purchase them! As they were so unique and retro looking. Buying the two together though was somewhat expensive, so I had to put them on lay-by for a while.
Currently though they're both on my front patio! Only downside is, I don't sit on them near enough!

These are the two awesome chairs
The next favorite of mine is my beautiful table lamp that is made to look like a ladies dress and her legs! I came across this lamp in a local gifts/home-wares store. I knew this lovely lamp would look good in my room, and was also unique, that's why I bought it!

This is the beautiful lamp.
Another favorite of mine are my two pink flamingos. Both are currently on my patio as well. One was given to me as a birthday gift this year from my Mum and the other I bought myself at Kmart, as I knew I had to have at least two together!!

My two pink flamingos.
I also love cute/chic fabric cushion covers, to add on my lounge chair or on my bed. Two of my favorite's would have to be in the photos below, as they both are very chic and retro looking!

This cushion I bought from "The Reject Shop" (a bargain shop)
This one from a home-wares accessories store.
I also love my wall-art prints, especially ones to do with the city of Paris! These bottom three were given to me as Christmas/Birthday gifts over the last few years, and all three are currently hanging up on walls in my rooms.

Three of my favorite wall-art Paris theme prints.
The next are my coffee mugs, especially my Madonna and Paris print mugs. I own four Madonna mugs (three I only keep on display and one I do actually use.) I also own four of these really cool mugs that connect on top of each other to form the Eiffel Tower! These mugs are currently also kept on display.
This is the Madonna mug I use.

This is the cool Eiffel Tower mugs.
My final favorite home-ware's is my coffee, tea and sugar canisters I bought myself from a home-wares store a couple of years ago. I just love the Paris, chic and vintage theme of them, that's why I had to buy these for myself as they were totally me!

These are the gorgeous canisters.
What are your favorite home-wares or do you own anything similar to mine?

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo


  1. You have such fun taste! Love it all!!! #fabulous

    -Lauren Blair