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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Sourpuss Clothing

A year ago I bought my first "Sourpuss" dress from a online clothing store called "Atomic Cherry". At the time I was looking up where to buy rockabilly dresses online in Australia and came across this particular online web store and bonus they were having a sale at the time.

So I had a look at their website and found a dress that i really liked the look and style of which was from the brand called "Sourpuss":

It's called "out of luck dress"
 I love Sourpuss designs and prints, but I find their dresses are a little shorter then I prefer and also their sizes are somewhat on the small size. So you have to make sure you measure yourself correctly to their own specific measurements.

I also own a Sourpuss top and another dress from this brand.
This is called "The snack food dress", which i actually bought from their own website. I really love this print and design!
Both of these dresses are so cute! But I find "the snack food dress" a better fit for me, because i ended up going a size up, as my first dress "the out of luck dress" is a bit tight around the waist area.
Sourpuss is an American brand, their own website also sells other rockabilly, pinup brand clothing, shoes, accessories, home wears and guys and kids clothing.

Have you ever bought anything from the "Sourpuss brand"?

Until next time! Cherrymilla xo
This is me personally styling the "out of luck" dress.
This is me wearing the "snack food" dress


  1. You look awesome cammy. Keep up the great work styling as you rock that style. Love your blog.