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Monday, 3 November 2014

Hell Bunny Part 2

This blog post is my next Hell Bunny review on a couple of my other dresses I own from this popular reproduction vintage brand.

If you look up my blog archives you'll be able to find Hell Bunny Part 1! Please feel free to read this.

The next dress I bought for myself is from my favorite local rockabilly boutique Cherry Tree Lane fashion, which you can find their page on facebook. I had this dress on lay-by for a couple of months, before taking it home!

Francine Dress.

This dress is called Green Francine apple print dress. I really love the apple print, the colors and the lace neckline of this dress. This dress fits me quite well. The fabric feels light, and I like the length as well.  It's a lovely dress to wear spring/summer months.

Even though I like the pretty neckline of this dress. It is a highish-neckline, so at times the neckline moves up high onto my neck, which i can find annoying. Only thing I can do is just pull the neckline down again.

Here is myself wearing this lovely dress.
The next dress I bought for myself, I won on a facebook rockabilly/pinup clothing auction, so I purchased it for a very reasonable price.

This dress by Hell Bunny is called the Souvenir 50's dress.
Once again I love the print, color and the design of this dress, plus it came with it's own belt. This dress is great to wear in summer!

Even though I love the print, I wish it had other island names on it as well, not just Fiji. So the dress actually feels like you're wearing a "souvenir dress".

Here is me styling this gorgeous Hell Bunny dress.
I also own a pair of shorts and a petticoat from the brand Hell Bunny.

Personally I think Hell Bunny is a great reproduction vintage/alternative brand. I would recommend this brand to any stylish lady that loves to dress in vintage inspired clothing. As for the price, their clothing is designed and very well made.

Do you like the brand Hell Bunny?

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo

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