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Friday, 7 November 2014

Top 5 Clothing items for Rockabilly/Pinup/Vintage ladies!

This blog post is the top 5 clothing items I personally think every rockabilly/pinup/vintage lady should own in their wardrobes!

Starting off with
No.  1   Swing/circle dress
Swing/circle dresses is an essential for any vintage inspired wardrobe, whether it's a reproduction or a true vintage dress. Owing one or more of these beautiful dresses, gives you a true feeling your wearing a piece from the 1950's.
You can find these style of dresses from ebay, etsy, or any rockabilly/pinup/vintage type clothing stores.

They range from $30 upwards, depending on the reproduction brand or if the dress is a true vintage piece.

This is one of my swing dresses I own, it's from the brand Vivien of Holloway. 
 No.  2  Wiggle/pencil dress
Wiggle/pencil style dresses is another must for a vintage inspired wardrobe and also for ladies who love to show off they're womanly curves! These type of dresses though are not for everyone, as they do show of your body shape more so then swing dresses do.

You can buy these type of dresses from ebay, etsy, or any store that sells vintage/rockabilly/pinup clothing.
Once again it depends on the brand, or it's a true vintage dress how much you will end up spending.

Here is myself wearing one of my wiggle dresses, it's Tiki inspired from the brand MissFortune. 
No.  3  Pinup/Vintage Tops and Blouses
Owing a pinup/vintage top or blouse is another essential for a vintage inspired outfit. These type of tops/blouses can pair up with wiggle skirts, swing skirts, vintage jeans, trousers and shorts. They come in different colors, styles, patterns and prints etc.
Again you can purchase a blouse/top from ebay, etsy any vintage/pinup/rockabilly clothing stores.

Ranging from prices $20 upwards, depending on your budget and brand!

This cherry print blouse I'm wearing, I actually bought from Kmart.
No.  4  Swing/circle skirt
Owing a swing/circle skirt is another must for a vintage inspired outfit, either a true vintage skirt or a reproduction skirt.
Depending on the color, print or style you can pair these style of skirts up with a similar blouse or top.

Again you can buy these style skirts from ebay, etsy, or any other pinup/rockabilly/vintage clothing stores.
These type of skirts range from $30 upwards, depending on the reproduction brand or if it's a true vintage piece.

This gorgeous swing skirt I own is from the brand Pinup Girl clothing.
No.  5  1950s Petticoat/Crinoline
Owing a petticoat/crinoline is a must for a vintage inspired wardrobe. They really go great under a swing/circle dress or a skirt, they make it really feel like your wearing a true 1940s/50s clothing piece.

Once again depending on if it's a reproduction brand or if it's true vintage, how much a petticoat/crinoline will cost.

You can purchase a petticoat from ebay, etsy, or any vintage/pinup/rockabilly store that sells petticoats or crinolines.

Here I am wearing a petticoat I bought from ebay, under one of my swing dresses.
 Are there any other clothing items that is a must for a rockabilly/pinup/vintage inspired wardrobe?

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo


  1. I love your swing dress... I love that it has a matching bolero! While a matching bolero is not a must in a rockabilly/pinup/vintage wardrobe I would definitely say it's an added bonus ;) Also recently, I've really gotten into vintage style capris and swing style trousers! I see you're wearing your trousers with you cherry blouse ;) Also I wouldn't necessarily say it's a must but it is fun to have :D Fun post!

    1. Thanks for your comment lovely, yes I totally agree with what you said! About those items of clothing being a bonus to have for a rockabilly/pinup/vintage wardrobe. :)