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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Popular Vintage/Retro Inspired Photoshoot Props!

I love looking at vintage, rockabilly, pinup outfit inspired photo-shoots, and looking at the stunning ladies wearing their gorgeous outfits, but I've also notice the props used in some of these photo-shoots!
This blog post is a list of the vintage inspired photo-shoot props I think are the most popular and true vintage inspired.

Starting off with:
Personally I think this is the most popular prop used for vintage inspired photo-shoots. These style of photo-shoots are aimed visually for both male and female audiences. As there are:
"Hot-rod" vehicles, the gorgeous ladies, plus the ladies vintage inspired outfits.

Using a parasol or umbrella in a vintage inspired photo-shoot is another popular prop used, especially used by ladies, at rockabilly and vintage festival's or if their is a photo-shoot to be done outside at the beach, park etc. As well as being used as a prop, they're also can be an essential part of the ladies vintage inspired outfit.

Vintage telephones
Using a vintage telephone in a photo-shoot does show the type of vintage telephone used and what the gorgeous ladies are wearing but also gives the impression that the girls in the photos are potentially speaking to their friend, boyfriend or their lover!

Using suitcases/luggage as props is very retro inspired, as they give the impression the ladies in the photos are either going on a holiday, leaving their home town to "follow their dreams" or leaving their ex-boyfriend or family.

Using drinks as props in photo-shoots such as milkshakes and bottles of coca cola, is very 1940's/50's. This also gives the impression the girls/gents are at a 1950's American style diner.

1950's Kitchen
Using a 1940's/50's style kitchen for photo-shoots, gives the impression of a 1950's "housewife", cleaning, cooking and baking for their husband and children, whilst wearing and showing of their vintage/retro outfits/aprons.

Using records in photo-shoots is very retro inspired (1950's/60's), as that's what was mainly used back then to listen and dance to their favorite music acts/stars.

Applying makeup products in vintage/retro inspired photo-shoots, is also another popular prop used to give the impression of the ladies getting ready to go-out in their vintage inspired outfits.

Are there any other popular vintage inspired photo-shoot props that you know off?

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo

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  1. Lol! So true about these props! They do pop up a lot! :)