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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Voodoo Vixen

This blog post is about my review on the vintage reproduction brand called Voodoo Vixen.

Voodoo Vixen are based in the UK and mainly sell rockabilly/pinup/vintage inspired dresses, skirts, tops/blouses, shorts, play-suits, cardigans and some handbags.  Voodoo Vixen have their own website, where you can purchase yourself a gorgeous clothing piece for yourself, the website is:

I currently own two dresses from this brand, the first I bought for myself around six months ago from an Australian clothing boutique, on facebook for a reasonable price. The dress is called "kitty cut out swing dress".
Kitty dress

I just love the print design with the little black cats on this dress, and the pink background. I also love the style of this dress with the cut out neckline and the little pockets.
Another bonus is that this dress came with a cute black belt.

The dress has a side zipper to get in and out off.
This dress fits me perfectly and I like the length as well.

It's just so pretty and cute!

Here I am personally styling this cute dress. I've just added my own belts to it, instead of the black one. Just to change the look a bit.

Voodoo Vixen have some really awesome novelty prints, great colors and designs on their fashion items! This brands clothing is also of a very good quality for their prices, which ranges from low to medium prices. Usually between $40 - $90, depending on the style, design and look of the fashion item.

The next dress I bought for myself was around three weeks ago for a very reasonable price which was from an Australian boutique called Gwynnies Emporium the website address is:
This dress I bought is called "Angie dress".
Angie dress

I really love the floral design print and the wrinkled front bust area of this dress. Also the light blue background, just so pretty!

It's such a lovely dress to wear in the spring/summer seasons. Especially because of the length, as it is a little shorter then my other rockabilly/pinup/50's inspired dresses.

Once again this dress is a good fit. Only thing I've found the straps do fall down from time to time, but that's probably because of my smaller bust size!

Here is myself personally styling this lovely dress.

You can purchase Voodoo Vixen vintage inspired clothing for the modern woman from their actual website, from ebay, and from most rockabilly/pinup/vintage inspired clothing boutiques and websites.

Do you own anything from the brand Voodoo Vixen?

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo


  1. I love these dresses on you. Not sure which one I like more! I love the modest pricing from Voodoo Vixen! I have the Cut It Out Wiggle dress which is an all black tight version of the kitties dress you just got though because it's super tight and I tend to reach for swing dresses more when going out I have yet to take it out ;)