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Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Frocks!

First I just want to wish everyone who reads my blog post a very Merry Christmas!!

This is just a quick post about what frocks I'll be wearing this week of Christmas celebrations.

The first is a dress by the vintage reproduction brand Lindybop.

I bought this dress a couple of months ago from Lindybop's official website.

As it was on "sale". I love the red color of this dress and the leopard print collar, sleeves, pockets and buttons.

I'll be doing a review on my couple of Lindybop dresses soon, so I'll upload a photo then, of me wearing this dress!

The second dress I'll wear is from the vintage reproduction brand Hellbunny.

I'll wear this dress, because of the red/white/green colors, very Christmas looking.

I bought this dress about six months ago, from my local pinup/rockabilly clothing store, called Cherry Tree Lane Fashions - find on facebook.

I have posted a review on this dress in my Part II review on Hellbunny! Which you can find in my blog archives.

The third dress, I'm planning on wearing will be on Christmas eve, it's from the American vintage reproduction brand Tatyana.

I bought this wiggle dress on facebook from a lady who was selling it for a very good price, I love the red poppies and it's made of a lovely velvet.

In the near future, I'll write a blog review on this dress and post a photo of me wearing this lovely dress as well.

I may even wear this dress for New Years!

The fourth and final dress, I'm planning on wearing for Christmas day is a dress I won on ebay, again for a really good price. It's by an Australian vintage reproduction brand called Retrospec'd.

   I really love the country style print, design and look of this beautiful dress.

As soon as I saw this frock on ebay I really wanted it!
Now it's mine!!

Once again I'll write a post review in the near future about this gorgeous dress and post up a photo of myself wearing and styling it!

Merry Christmas!

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo


  1. Beautiful dresses! Love your Retrospec'd dress, can't wait to see photos! x