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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Vivien of Holloway

This blog post is about my review on the vintage reproduction fashion brand Vivien of Holloway!

Vivien of Holloway are based in London, UK and all their clothing items are made in London. This brand sells both men and ladies vintage inspired fashion clothing and accessories. For example men: shirts and t-shirts and for women: dresses, skirts, trousers, tops and blouses. They also sell women's accessories for example jewelery, hair accessories, lingerie, petticoats and bags.

Vivien of Holloway have their own website where you can find all their fashion items they have for sale to buy for yourself, the website is:
There's also a sister Australian based store called "Christine's" that sell's Vivien of Holloway's clothing and accessories, which is located in Melbourne, Victoria.

I currently own two dresses, and a pair of red swing trousers from this brand. The first dress I bought for myself was around six months ago, this particular dress was on "sale" for a very good price on their online website. I loved the style and floral print on it. So I had to buy it! This dress is called "halterneck floral fiesta circle dress".
Floral Fiesta Dress

This dress is so gorgeous, I love the halterneck and swing style of this dress and also the floral fabric print with all those colors. Another bonus this dress came with it's own matching bolero, as shown in picture of the model on the left.

This dress is very well made and also had a boned bodice, which is something I don't have in any of my other swing/circle dresses.

It's made of cotton material and has a back zipper, to get in and out of.

Here's myself styling this gorgeous dress.
I really love Vivien of Holloway inspired vintage ladies clothing, because they are really well-made and constructed and their clothing pieces and accessories actually feel like your wearing a true vintage piece from the 1940's/50's.
Vivien of Holloway's pricing is of medium to the high price range, usually ranging between ($80 - $200) for a particular item of clothing. But from time to time, you can pick up something for a very good price in the "sale" section on their website.

The sizes are quite different to everyday mainstream clothing, so just follow the size guide and measurements to make sure you order the right size, if buying online.

The next dress I bought for myself was around three months ago, again from the actual website and in the "sale" section, this dress is the "kitty day dress" in a pink gingham/floral print.
Kitty day dress

I really love the style, color and fabric print of this dress. I also love how this dress has pockets and I also like the buttons down the front of this dress.

I find you have to wear a belt though, whilst wearing this dress, because myself personally think it looks and sits better whist wearing this lovely frock.

This dress also came with it's own matching hair scarf. It's  made of a cotton material and has a zipper down the side and buttons down the front to get and out of.

Here I am styling this lovely dress.
You can buy Vivien of Holloway's fashion items from their own website, from the Australian boutique called "Christine's" - which you can find on facebook and now and again from ebay.

Do you like the brand Vivien of Holloway?

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo

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