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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

My family Christmas Tradition!

I can't believe, it's only 2 weeks to Christmas! This year once again has flown by!
This blog post is all about how my immediate family and I celebrate Christmas.

Our Christmas Tree
Christmas 2013

We usually put up our Christmas Tree at the start of December and generally take it down at the beginning of January, so it's usually up for the whole month of December. My Mum and I usually ensemble the tree, decorate it and dissemble it.

This year my Mum and I decided not to put up our Christmas tree as we won't be home for Christmas this year, my Mother, my sister and myself, are going away to my brother's and his families place (his fiance, my niece and nephew) to celebrate Christmas.

The last few years there has been a color theme for decorating the tree, for example red, gold, silver & last year it was blue. One year I love to decorate a pink one!

Pressies under the tree

My family and I open up our presents on Christmas day and it usually takes all morning, not just because we are a big family (originally 6 members now there is 10 in total).

But because we have a tradition that we open up each gift we received one at a time, so everyone can see what each other received but to also make the "gift unwrapping last", so it's not all-over and done with!

We usually open up a few pressies, then stop for a cook breakfast, then open up the rest. Which by then it's usually lunch time.

Stockings on the fireplace.

In the past, for a few years there we each had stocking gifts, where we would buy each other something small to the price of $5 - $10, then guess who bought what.
Because of our family expanding (too expensive) and not having a fireplace anymore this little tradition stopped.

Christmas Food
The table is set for our Christmas meal.

We usually have our main Christmas meal either on Christmas eve or Christmas day for lunch. Which usually is a hot roast meal and consists of turkey, ham, vegetables and gravy. For dessert it's most likely a homemade trifle, that my Mum always makes.

We traditionally have a cooked breakfast on Christmas day, this consists of bacon or ham, eggs, mushrooms, spaghetti and toast or croissants.

Roast hot Christmas meal.

Also we eat treats throughout the day, for example chips, chocolates, rum balls, white Christmas, fruit pies, etc.

We have had cold meats and salads for lunch on Christmas day in the past as well.

In the afternoons after lunch and all the pressies have been open, my family and I either play card/board games, go for a swim (when we've had a backyard pool), or just sat around, drank, relaxed and chilled.

The past few Christmas's I've had to work, in the afternoon's but this year I have time off from my work, so I'm really looking forward to celebrating Christmas with my family!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo

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