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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Pinup Girl Clothing!

This blog post is on the very popular vintage reproduction brand called Pinup Girl Clothing!

Pinup Girl clothing is based out of the USA, with all their clothing actually made in the United States. This popular brand designs, produces and sells dresses, skirts, tops, pants, shoes, swimwear, lingerie, bags and accessories.
You can purchase all their fashion items from their actual website which is: or from ebay, or just about any rockabilly/pinup/vintage inspired clothing stores and boutiques that sell Pinup Girl Clothing clothing and accessories.

I currently own one dress, two skirts and a pair of swimmers from this awesome brand. The first item I bought for myself was around six months ago and was a skirt from their actual website, which at that time Pinup Girl Clothing was having a great "sale" on. The skirt is called Jenny skirt is burlesque performer print by Pinup Couture.
Jenny Skirt in burlesque performer print.

As soon as I saw this skirt was on "sale" on the actual website, I knew I just had to purchase it!

I love the burlesque ladies print on it, plus the pink, blue and black colors. It's so unique and really stands out.
Plus I love the length and the fullness of the skirt, really looks great with or without a petticoat.

The shipping was supper fast, especially from the United States to Australia, but saying that the shipping costs can be a bit pricey though.

Here I am styling this awesome skirt, two different ways.
As I stated above Pinup Girl Clothing is a popular vintage reproduction brand, most ladies who love this type of fashion own at least one piece of clothing or accessory item in their wardrobes. I have found their clothing items to be made of high quality, and also feels like your wearing a true 1940's/50's piece of clothing. Also their designs/fabric prints are unique and beautiful.

The next piece I bought for myself was around five months ago, which was another skirt from a facebook Australian rockabilly buy, sell and swap group for a good price. This skirt is called Jenny skirt is turquoise, pink and black harlequin print by Pinup Couture.
Jenny skirt in harlequin print

I really love the harlequin print and the color-way of this skirt. Especially how you have a few colors to work with to match different tops with.

Once again I love the fullness and length of this skirt, it's such a gorgeous swing skirt. Very 1950's!

Here I am styling two different tops with this gorgeous skirt.
Pinup Girl Clothing prices for their clothing items are medium to the high price range, averaging between ($80 - $200) for a particular piece of garment. But if you keep an eye out for "sale" items or bargains, then their is a good chance you may pick up something for yourself for a very good price.

About three months ago I bought myself a dress from this brand from my local rockabilly/pinup boutique called Cherry Tree Lane Fashions. This dress is called Peasant dress in red vintage Spanish fan print (which is now sold out on the official website).
Peasant dress in red Spanish fan print.

I ended up putting this dress, plus some cherry print swimmers from this brand on lay-by for a few weeks. I really love the wiggle style, with the black peasant style top half and the red Spanish fan print on the bottom half.

This dress fits really well on me, I really love the high quality fabric and the top half is lined. Plus the dress at the back, down the bottom, has a slit to make walking feel comfortable.

Here I am styling this beautiful dress.
So far I have found sizing to be true to size, if you go by their actual measurements for each garment piece, which you can find on the actual website, if buying online.

I would highly recommend a fashion piece from Pinup Girl Clothing, as they're garments are made in the USA, are of high quality, very unique and look great on any lady who loves wearing vintage inspired fashions.

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo


  1. Love your buys! And you are right about that wiggle dress. It looks fantastic on you!!!! :D

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