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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Bernie Dexter!

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This blog post is my review on the vintage reproduction brand called Bernie Dexter.

Bernie Dexter is not just the name of this vintage fashion inspired brand, but it's also the name of the  CEO, and fashion designer behind the label that is Bernie Dexter! This brand is based out of the United States, with all the fashion items actually made in the USA.
Bernie Dexter designs and sells pinup dresses, skirts, pants, tops and swimwear.
You can purchase any of these fashion items from the actual website which is: or from ebay and just about any other vintage/rockabilly/pinup inspired fashion stores and boutiques that sells this brand.

I currently own one dress and one skirt from this brand. The first I bought myself was a dress, around nine months ago from my local rockabilly/pinup boutique called Cherry Tree Lane Fashions. This dress is the Beatrice pink poodle print pinup dress.

I really love the Paris scenery print on this dress, the cotton fabric and the pink and white colors.
The white bust bodice and draped neckline is so amazing on this dress.

This dress also has lipstick pockets and comes with a white belt.

Only downside, it's a little tight in the waist, but I  still wear this gorgeous dress.

Here I am styling this beautiful dress.
So far I have found Bernie Dexter to design and produce beautiful and unique dresses and skirts. Only downside most of the dresses are not lined and are somewhat expensive to purchase if you do actually pay full-price.
The price ranges is usually between $100 - $200 for a particular piece of item. But you can pay cheaper prices if you look out for "sale" items, of buy from ebay etc.

A couple of weeks ago I bought myself a skirt which I ordered from Gwynnies Emporium the website is: this skirt is called Trixie in serenity bridge. I wanted to buy the dress version, but their was a mix up on my order with another company I was ordering through. I received a full refund, but end up buying the skirt instead.

I really love the light cotton fabric and garden style print on the skirt, with the greenery, flowers, water and bridges. It's so beautiful.
This skirt also comes with lipstick pockets.
Such a great summer skirt!

Only downside for me, is the length, just wish it was a little longer, like by two inches as it only comes to my knees.

Here I am styling this lovely skirt.
So far I have found Bernie Dexter sizing to be somewhat on the small size, as I'd thought a size Large would fit me, but as I stated above the dress I do own, is a little firm in the waist area. The skirt fits better though, as I actually went a size up to extra large. But if your are buying online make sure you go by the actual measurements, which you can find on the official Bernie Dexter website.

I would really recommend Bernie Dexter to any fashionable vintage/pinup/rockabilly inspired ladies, that wishes to own a unique piece of clothing!

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo


  1. Ahh, I just adore Bernie Dexter's clothing so much! Both of these pieces are so lovely on you! I just received a Bernie Dexter oranges dress today :) Her stuff is so addicting. But, you're right about it being pricey. I always keep an eye out for sales/eBay!


  2. Such beautiful pieces!!! I love Bernie Dexter, both the woman and her designs! She's also the model for her brand :) and is such a super nice woman too! You really picked out some exceptionally beautiful pieces. I love the pink poodle dress and love how you paired it with the pink poodle brooch and pink hair scarf! And how I adore that serenity bridge skirt!!! The print is so beautiful! They both look great on you!!! <3

  3. I love Bernie Dexter so much! I love your Bernie Dexter clothing, you look gorgeous as always! x

  4. saw your blog on silver cat tea party and had to visit. Lovely dresses I like pinup girl clothing a lot too. Im always very said I missed out on t he full skirted horror housewife dress. You have put your pieces together beautifully

    retro rover