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Monday, 19 January 2015

My Birthday gifts!

Hi all!
Yesterday was my birthday, I didn't do much though as I had to work, even though it was a Sunday! I work every second weekend as an Aged Care worker, that's shift work for ya!
But I'm planning on going out for dinner one night this week, with some of the family.

I did receive heaps of birthday messages on both facebook and instagram, which I appreciated very much.

Anyway for my birthday I mostly was give some money this year, so I can purchase for myself what I wanted!
But I did received this really cute flamingo wall print from my sister.

I haven't found a area in my place to hang it, as of yet but I'm sure I will.

Today a parcel came in the mail for me, it was a pink flamingo handbag from the vintage reproduction company called Banned. This gift was from my Mum.

This handbag is from a rockabilly store in Queensland called Poison Kandy Klothing this is their website:

I love this bag, it's just so adorable with the pink flamingos, flowers and the pink background.

Also my Brother and his girlfriend gave me some money, which I'm going to use to pay the rest of on a dress I've had on lay-by from my local rockabilly/pinup store called Cherry Tree Lane Fashion (you can find on facebook).

This dress is from the brand vintage reproduction brand Hell Bunny, I really love this dress, the color, the white poker-dots, heart shape pockets, white sleeves etc. I am somewhat worried though it's going to look more costume inspired, then rockabilly/vintage/pinup inspired.

Anyway this dress is somewhat different and should be fun to wear!

I've also just ordered my first Luxulite brooch with some of the money I received, which should come in the mail, in the next two weeks.

This is the exact brooch I ordered, I'm looking forward to wearing it with some of my outfits!

I love the little red cherries and the colorful confetti back pin.

I'm also wanting to buy a couple of other fashion accessories, with my birthday money. Which will be  a blue rockabilly/pinup belt to accessorize with some of my outfits and a red hibiscus hair flower.

In the coming weeks, I hope to show these pretties in some of my outfit posts!

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo


  1. Happy birthday! I love birthdays! Looks like you got some great things for your birthday and birthday money is always the BEST! <3 I don't know if you follow this blog but I've seen this same dress on another Australian blogger, Kayla. <3

  2. Thank-you my friend! :) Yes I follow Kayla on blogspot and also on instagram! I just love her photos!