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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Summer in Queensland, Australia

Summer in Queensland, Australia consists of very hot humid days (usually between 30 degrees Celsius and 35 degree Celsius.) and even hot nights. Summer also consists of wild storms, rain and even the occasional cyclone.
A Queensland storm.

There are many ways us Queenslander's like to try and stay cool, this includes using air conditioning or fan/s, wearing as little clothing as possible, having a nice cold drink, having a cold shower, going for a swim in a pool in the ocean on the beach and relaxing.
I also find a lot of people head to shopping center's and movie theaters to keep cool in the air conditioning.
Relaxing in a pool

At the beach.
I usually try and stay cool by having a cold drink, relaxing in air conditioning and wear cool summer clothing.
Enjoying a nice cold drink.
Most summer vacations in Queensland are usually spent at beaches, staying in resorts/units, camping and going to theme parks for example Wet n Wild and/or Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.
A Gold Coast resort.
 My summer outfits I usually like wearing dresses, skirts, tops and shorts. Here are a few examples:
Here I'm wearing a "tiki" inspired halter wiggle dress.

Here I am wearing a pair of high waisted shorts and a white peasant top.

Here I am wearing a cute little top and skirt.

The positives in summer for me is wearing all my favorite summer type clothing and that means no cardigans, jumpers, tights and leggings (which i prefer not to wear, but I have no choice, in the winter months). Cold drinks and long, beautiful days.
The negatives are the hot humid days and even nights (when it's too hot to do anything), wild vicious storms and from time to time cyclones, biting mosquito's (if sitting outside in the evenings to try and cool down) and also annoying fly's.

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo


  1. I love all your outfits! So cute! I especially like your high waisted shorts and peasant top combo! How fun to hear about summer in Queensland. It brings back a lot of memories for me. Do you ever go to Movie World? Do they still have the Scooby Doo ride? That ride is the best ride I've EVER been on! It was soooo much fun! :D

    1. Thank-you so much. Yes I've been to Movie World, I believe that still have that ride! Last weekend it was sooo hot and humid here, now it's raining and a bit cooler!