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Wednesday, 7 January 2015


This blog post is about my review on another favorite vintage reproduction brand called Lindybop!

Lindybop are based out of the UK. This brand mostly sell ladies vintage style dresses, skirts, tops and petticoats.
Lindybop are another popular vintage reproduction brand. That sell clothing items for ladies, who are on a budget, but at the same time are well designed.
You can purchase any of they're fashion items from their own actual website which is  also from ebay or from most fashion stores and boutiques that sell pinup/vintage/rockabilly inspired fashion clothing items.

I currently own two dresses from this great brand. The first I bought for myself was around 8 months ago from ebay. This particular dress was for sale for a very good price, and I loved the look and style of it.
This dress is called: Grace black swing floral dress.
Grace floral dress

I really love the floral print on the black background, the design, cut and length of this dress.
I also love the bow on the side, and the gathered pleats, falling down from the bow.
This dress is made of a heavy cotton fabric, so it's good to wear in the colder months, whilst wearing a cardigan.

Only downside was this dress was a bit big for me, when I received it in the post. My Mum, kindly offered to alter it for me. So now it does fit better!

Here is myself, styling this lovely dress.
So far I have found Lindybop's clothing to be of a pretty good quality, and a lot of their items are really beautiful and truly do look like vintage inspired clothing.
Their prices range from $40 - $100 for a particular piece of clothing item (depending on where you buy from and if they're is a "sale" on or not).

The next dress I bought for myself was around 3 months ago from Lindybop's actual website, this particular dress was on "sale" for a really good price, plus I love the style and look of it. This dress is called "Jeanette" rocker cotton shirt dress.

I just love the 1950's/rockabilly style of this dress, with the red color, the buttons down the front and the leopard print pockets, collar and sleeves.

It's such a really "cool" looking dress, also the fabric is of a good quality and the top part of this dress is also lined.
Also I have noticed the sleeves on this dress, can be worn two different ways, depending on your taste. Myself personally prefer the sleeves folded over, like the model is wearing on the left.
This dress fits me very well.

Myself personally styling this awesome dress.
Lindybop's sizing I have found somewhat generous, for example the first dress I bought, was a little big for me. Just be really careful if buying online, make sure you measure yourself correctly and go by their measurements.
Apart from that I would highly recommend a Lindybop item of clothing for all you pinup/rockabilly ladies on a budget and want to own a popular vintage reproduction brand dress or skirt.

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo


  1. Omg are you rocking a rolling pin with the last dress? LOVE IT! Loved this post too-red is your color!!
    -Lauren Blair

  2. Hello there in gorgeous Australia...Wow,You have a great style !
    ciao,greetings from Italy