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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Elegant Flowers!

Today's outfit blog post is about this lovely floral dress by the vintage reproduction clothing brand Lindybop. I've decided to accessorize this dress with my Paris print handbag and my cat-eye sunglasses.

I bought this dress over a year ago now from an ebay seller, I loved the floral print, the style and cut of this dress. It also has a big bow tie and gathered pleats down from the bow, which is made out of the same print (that's why, it's hard to see) on the side of the waist. I also love the length, my Mum though had to alter the top half of the dress, as it was somewhat big on me in the bust area when I received it and tried it on. Now it's fits really quite well on me.
For these photos I'm also wearing a petticoat underneath, to give the dress more structure and shape.
My dress is by Lindybop and is from an ebay seller.
My black flats are from Kmart.
My Paris print handbag is from a local handbag and luggage boutique.
The petticoat and sunglasses are both from an ebay seller.
The purple tights are from Target.
In the above photo is a beautiful floral tattoo, I found online. I would love a tattoo like this, maybe somewhere on my back! Anyway I thought it fits in with my "elegant flowers" blog post for today.

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo


  1. Pretty combo of dress + accessories! That tattoo would look good on you too! XO

  2. This dress is totally my style, absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Pretty dress! I love it with the purple tights too! <3