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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Pretty Lavender!

Today's outfit blog post is about this pretty dress by the vintage reproduction brand Hell Bunny. I decided to accessorize this dress with my peacock brooch, white straw hat and my white cat-eye sunglasses.

This dress was a birthday gift at the start of the year that I was able to pick out for myself. At first I wasn't sure I wanted this dress, as to me it looked too costume style liked and not actually a 1950's repro dress! But it soon won me over with the lavender color, the little white poker-dots, the heart-shape pockets, the white lace down around the bottom edging of the dress and the ribbon corset-style tie up in the front. This dress is so girly and yet so fun to wear.
Actually when I wore this dress the other day to the shops a lady did asked me if I was off to a fancy dress up party! Which i replied "no, this is how I dress all the time!"
 My Oktober dress is by Hell Bunny, which I bought from Cherry Tree Lane Fashion (find on facebook).
My white peep-toe shoes are from Target.
The peacock brooch is from a vintage market store holder.
The white straw hat is also from Target and my white cat-eye sunglasses are from an ebay seller.
In the photo above is such a glorious lavender field. I would love to have photos taken here, whilst wearing my pretty Oktober dress!

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo


  1. This is too cute! You look great! I love the dress! XO

    1. Thanks Lauren for your lovely comments! xo