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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Fabulous Flamingos!

Today's outfit blog is a little different. For one when I took these photos I was sick again with another cold and wasn't looking or feeling crash hot. Plus I mainly want to focus this blog on my awesome new flamingo sandals from Miss L Fire UK 
I've been eying of these shoes for quite a while but just couldn't justify spending nearly $200 a pair of shoes they may or may not fit! As it's a big gamble when ordering shoes online, not as easy as dresses etc. But I took the plunge and finally ended up buying a pair!
These sandals are just so unique and wonderful, I just love the colours, flamingo and tropical plants on each sandal. They come in four different colour ways the gold (which I ended up ordering) pink, silver and black. These sandals also have glitter shine over them as well. These sandals fits me length ways but are a little tight around the outer sides of my feet - near my toes. Hopefully wearing them for a bit each day I can stretch and break them in, so when I walk in these I don't end up getting blisters!
As I really want to wear them to Greazefest next weekend, which will require some walking, so hopefully they OK to wear by then.
With these sandals I'm wearing my embroidered flamingo dusty pink cardigan by Banned Apparel, my skinny pattern jeans from Target Australia and my Deerarrow cocktail brooch.

I love this little brooch by Deerarrow, it's so cute with the pineapple, the hibiscus flower and flamingo, this is my third brooch to date by this company, all they're brooches are homemade and they have so many cute and awesome brooches to choose from, on their website.
Banned Apparel flamingo cardigan is from Gwynnies Emporium
Pattern skinny jeans are from Target Australia.
Cocktail brooch is from Deerarrow
Flamingo sandals are from Miss L Fire UK
One more photo of these wonderful shoes, I'm so happy I have finally got myself a pair!

Until next time!
Miss Millacherry xo

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  1. hello,ciao...nice look and the shoes are super charming ones...cheers!