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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Pretty Blue Birds!

These next two months are hopefully going to be a lot of fun and excitement for me. I'm going to Greazefest for the first time this coming weekend, then the following weekend I'm going to a local vintage fair, then the following weekend after that I hope to go to a Madonna dance party.
Then for the month of September I want to go to a couple of other rockabilly/vintage festivals. I'm so excited as I get to dress up and have fun whilst meeting people who also love the same sort of fashions and of course music as I do!

Today's outfit includes this circle skirt by Hell Bunny which I have blogged previously before this in the link:
I just love the pattern on this skirt with the blue birds and the pink roses, very pretty.
I also like this skirts length, the light cotton material and of course this skirt has pockets!
I decided to match this Hell Bunny skirt with my blue blouse from Kmart Australia and my embroidered blue bird cardigan by Collectif Clothing.
Here I am in these photos accessorizing this outfit with my blue hair-scarf, my retro black cat-eye sunglasses and my retro blue belt.
Blue blouse is from Kmart Australia.
Hell Bunny floral and blue bird skirt is from Gwynnies Emporium
Collectif blue bird cardigan is from That Shop (find on facebook).
Black sandals are from Novo
Blue retro belt and blue hair-scarf are from an ebay seller.
Retro cat-eye sunglasses are from Cherry Bay Fabulous (find on facebook).
This little blue bird/sparrow is so cute on my Collectif cardigan, I just love how this cardigan go really well with a number of my outfits, including today's outfit blog post.

Until next time!
Miss Millacherry xo


  1. Gorgeous, I love the blue hair scarf and matching belt! What a lovely skirt, Hell Bunny skirts are great! x

  2. You look beautiful in blue! I love your accessories too. Ah, what would we do without our HellBunny skirts, right?? :) Have fun at the Greazefest and take pics!

    1. Thanks Caramella, I hope to have fun and take pics too! :)

  3. Adorable outfit! That bird + flower print is one of my favourites that Hell Bunny has ever released. I hope that continue to put out more pieces in it and that they try it out in other colour schemes as well.

    Have a terrific last week of July, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks very much Jessica, you have a great week also! :)

  4. That's amazing how how the birds on the cardigan match the birds on the skirt even though they are made by a different brand! Also, it sounds like you have a lot of fun ahead of you! Hope you have a great time!