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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Retro Pinup styling!

On the weekend (Saturday) I went to a local Rockabilly festival, which was their first ever one. So being their first, it wasn't overly exciting! Hopefully next year there will be more to do, enjoy and look at!
I arrived there around midday and caught up with a friend and follow blogger Miss Vera Gin Vintage here is the link to her blog:
We had some lunch together, then had a look around at the market stalls (which were a bit disappointing, as there wasn't really any retro style stores), then we both had a look at all the vintage cars and took some photos of each other with the cars.
Then we both entered the retro outfit competition and had to parade our outfits, which by total surprise I won best dressed!! I won a pretty bunch of roses and a sash. There was also a best male retro outfit competition! The male best dressed and myself had some photos taken and presented a trophy to the owner of the best car on the field.
After spending a few hours together at the festival we both decided to leave, but came back a few hours later for the Rockabilly dinner/dance.
I wore my Tiki/Hawaiian style dress by Collectif UK
Flamingo sandals by Miss L Fire UK
Pink hibiscus hair-flower
Bamboo bangles and a flamingo necklace. 
 Miss Vera Gin, my Dad and myself meet up at the club for dinner, for a couple of drinks and listened to the Rockabilly band called Slap Beat, the band was quite enjoyable.
After dinner Miss Vera Gin and myself also entered the pinup parade, which was quite fun, parading around in our gorgeous dresses. Unfortunately neither of us got a place of runner's up or winner, even though I feel personally Miss Vera Gin should have received a place, as she looked awesome in her gorgeous dress!
I wore my new dress by the brand Tatyana
Black heels from a pre-loved boutique and a new pair of back floral stockings.
We both ended up having an early night, as it been a big day - with entering retro outfit and pinup parades!
I'm looking forward to seeing and catching up with Miss Vera Gin next weekend, as she's entered a pinup pageant that is for a good course towards breast cancer awareness and cure. Unfortunately I couldn't enter this time due to work commitments!

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo


  1. You look gorgeous in both outfits! I have that Collectif tiki dress in black and green! ;)) Both you and Miss Vera deserved to win!

  2. You both look amazing and I love the dresses that you wore. Congratulations on winning best dressed!! x

  3. Sounds like it was a fun weekend despite the lack of retro themed stalls at the car show. That is awesome that you won for best dressed! Congratulations. Both you and your friend looked so great all day!