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Monday, 21 March 2016

Colourful Chevron!

I recently ordered this dress which is called the Penelope/Charlie Brown on acid in a Chevron zig zag print dress through a company on Etsy called HeartsandFound
Hearts and Found is based in Vietnam and the lovely owner is friendly and very helpful.  Her company is vintage inspired and Marjorie's company makes handmade dresses, skirts and tops.  You can order from the dresses, skirts and tops already in her store, or you can choose an a available fabric and have an item custom made up for you.
The owner supports a local independent tailor to custom make a piece to your measurements and to your preferred dress/skirt length. All the fabrics are sorted from locally independent stores.
This gorgeous dress is made out of 100% lightweight cotton and is fully lined. Also has thin adjustable spaghetti straps, hidden pockets, has a metal back zipper and a low plunging back back-line.
I specially asked to have the top half of this dress made to my bust measurements (as I do have a small bust-line and I find a lot of dresses are too big in this area on me). I also choose the longer length, so I'm able to wear this beautiful dress in the winter months with a cardigan and tights/stockings underneath.
I adore the colourful Chevron print on this dress and how I'll be able to accessorize and mix/match with many of my colourful accessories.
I would highly recommend on ordering yourself something truly well designed and tailored to your own measurements and style from Hearts and Found

Accessories Include:
Peep-toe wedges from Payless Australia
Sun-Jellies tote bag ordered through Vintage Pip 
Erstwilder radio shack brooch ordered through Vintage Pip
Bangles are from a local accessories boutique
Hair-scarf is thrifted
Vintage Chevy necklace is thrifted
These photos were taken at a local park which is located by a river. Once again taken by me, with a tripod and a self-timer camera.  I tried to take these blog photos when hardly no one was around, which at times was hard to do but it ended up being fine, as the people walking through the park that did see me, didn't ask me any silly questions or stop and stare! 
I'm currently still on leave from work...yay!!  I drove down to Brisbane last week and stayed down their for a few days, with family.  I saw Madonna live in concert two times, whilst in Brisbane.  I loved both her shows, they were so much fun! Even though both nights end up going quite late, as Madonna is not known for her earliness, but it's an experience I won't be forgetting in quite a while!

Also tomorrow I'm booked in for my next tattoo...eeek!!!  I'm getting a flamingo on the left side of my back, which you'll probably see photos off in the coming weeks on my blog!

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo


  1. What a gorgeous dress, I'm gonna check out that shop :)
    You're also very brave to take pictures of yourself. I've been thinking that I should do that too, but it seems that people stare at me even if someone else is taking pictures of me. I don't own a tripod yet either, but I probably should buy one - then I won't need to get angry at my bf if he refuses to be my photographer! (Then I won't need a boyfriend at all, maybe :D)

  2. Gorgeous blog :)Have a great day dear :)
    I follow you :) Keep in touch!

  3. This is one of the most fun Chevron prints I've ever seen! So vibrant and it! XO

    1. Thanks Lauren, gotta love the vibrant colours! xo

  4. This dress is amazing and perfectly styled with Sun Jellies + Erstwilder! So fabulous! x

  5. That dress is gorgeous! The colourful print is amazing and suits you so well!

  6. I love chevron pattern dresses! This one is so cute on you!

  7. Fabulously pretty frock! I love a great wearable rainbow like that. It's darn near impossible to wear and not feel your mood brighten up in step.

    Have a beautiful Easter weekend,
    ♥ Jessica