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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Getting to know Prefer to be Demure!

Here is the next gorgeous lady I'll love to introduce to you all Prefer to be Demure  (aka Laurenblair_Donovan as on her instagram page).
I've been following Miss Lauren now on Instagram for at least two years and I've been following her blog for at least a year and a half.
I was actually featured on her blog late in 2014 here is the link to that if you care to have a look:

I love following Lauren on both her blog and her Instagram, she has such a very unique taste when it comes to vintage/mid-century inspired fashion, as she always seems to put a modern take on her vintage inspired/reproduction dresses/skirts etc.  Also her photos are very inspiring, uplifting and enjoyable to look at.
Question:  How did you come up with the name Prefer to be Demure for your blog?

 Haha, this is kind of a funny answer.  I didn’t have a great name for a blog going in as I don’t have a specific angle as it’s just my personal style and basically what I wear on a regular basis.  And while my name lends itself to some puns, (a la- The Lauren-Blair Witch/Bitch Project)…that would be a terrible idea for a style blog!  I’m a bit of a poet and lyricist, so I went for an exaggerated rhyme based off of the mid-century looks I frequently wear.  I’ve grown to hate it, because I’m also part rock and roll and so “demure” doesn’t really match up there, but at the time I was just ready to start blogging already and had to have a blog name!  I am changing it though!  I’ve been threatening it since the summer, I have one picked out and everything, but I’ve been dragging my feet because life has been distracting since then (in a good way).  The new blog name will encompass the dichotomy of my personality, have style thrown in it, and will keep doors open for any potential shifts the blog may endure.

Question:  Please describe your blogging style?

 I try to mix up personal style with other elements that are close to my heart.  Every outfit post is named after a song, because music is my religion.  And almost every outfit post also has some kind of trivia to brighten my reader’s day, a la a lesson I learned the hard way, funny facts, or some other kind of motivating or positive factor.    I do things this way because I love clothes, but I want to open the field to other liked minded people who may or may not be into fashion.  Plus, I was raised in a civically minded family, so just posting outfit photos messed with my brain for a while until I found a deeper angle!
 Sometimes I do other posts explaining why I love certain brands as well as covering concerts I went to (both the music and why I wore what I wore).  Recently I’ve added a book series, in part to encompass more of what I’m about in my real life, but also to do my part to shatter the idea that girly girls also can’t care about learning or cultural issues.
 Question:  What inspired you to start blogging?

I had other blogs on current events, politics, and religion and how they all play off each other and was looking for an additional but more lighthearted outlet.  I got obsessed with ModCloth around this time and kept searching hashtags to find outfits I wanted on real girls to see how they looked, and I kept seeing the same girls pop up again and again and realized they had blogs.  It didn't take long for me to decide that I should start blogging too!

Question:  Describe your fashion sense/style?

 I lean heavily towards mid-century style.  Some of my pieces are true vintage and others are vintage reproduction.  I own  A LOT of skirts and most of my items have VERY quirky prints on them.  I don't consider myself a pinup though, nor am I exclusively vintage.  I often try to modernize vintage staple pieces, most notably in the summer I wear a lot of crop tops with full circle skirts.  I also do concert tees with vintage skirts, or modern footwear with a Betty Draper-esq dress.  Basically I do what I want and have fun with clothes.  It's essentially all about having fun with what I wear in my world, haha!
 Question:  Do you have any favorite bloggers and if so can you name a few?

Well, you, obviously!! Duh ;)  Oh man, I almost hate to pick favorites!!!  There’s a lot of women that I follow, admire, and interact with.  Bristol, from Colour Me Bristol, was the first blogger I ever followed and personally reached out to, so it would be remiss of me not to include her! 

Angela from Ang Vaughn has kind of been my girl since the get, and she’s recently become a bit more of a YouTuber and I’m such a fan.  Her personality is adorable and she has excellent style.  When I’m slow with checking blogs and such, I try to make sure I always catch up with Amanda from Enchanting Elegance and Lindsey from Have Clothes Will Travel.  Their styles are so classic and fun, and their photos never don’t POP!  I enjoy following their thoughts and lives via their blogs, and the comments they leave me are always so thoughtful that I feel we’d be friends in real life.  I’ve recently befriended a girl named Emily from Thoroughly Modern Emily, who’s a newer blogger but already has a killer collection of dresses and skirts that any mid-century lover would kill to have.  And we sometimes message on IG, so it’s been great getting to know her.  And while I could list dozens more but I'll end it with Busola of The Fashion Stiry Fry, because I'm in awe of her.  She’s has such a knack for colorful and dramatic clothing.  She always felt lightyears ahead of me in the fashion blog game, but has always been so sweet to me via her comments on my content, which is so awesome.  Reading her blog or following her social media is never not a treat!

Question:  What can your readers/followers expect from you and your blog over the next 12 months?

A lot!  There’s some subtle and big changes coming everyone’s way for sure.  For one, I WILL get around to changing my url.  Haha.  I’ve already added the book series, and a concert series that I do will come back once I start going back to shows (it’s been a slow winter), and I’m hoping to bring guest blogging back.  Last year was kind of bonkers for me so asking bloggers to guest blog during certain timelines was something I had trouble keeping up with and ultimately let go.  I do want to bring it back though!.  I’m also trying to write more about brands and thoughts on the vintage fashion world and such, as I kind of got away from that in 2015 accidentally. 

I also just launched an online comedy project with my partner Shannon, called “Just Shair” (a playoff the singer using our names: Shannon + Lauren-BLAIR.) I’m hoping that is well received with my readers!  I’ve been told by some people that they sense a “quirky wit” from me on occasion, but my full fledged comedic personality hasn’t been on the Internet until Just Shair (minus a few Facebook thread jabs with friends).  I’m "SHAIRING" some of the content (videos, photosets, etc) on my style blog, but not in a way that’s oversaturated.  It's an interesting and borderline ambitious crossover, but so far the response has been positive!  If I were to become known as that girl who is something along the lines of “that funny vintage/stylish girl” or something I could probably die happy!

There may be a few more tricks up my sleeve, or at least that’s what I’m plotting!  But we’ll see how the cards fall.  I’m excited and feel 2016 will push things in one direction or anther for sure.  Thanks so much for having me on your blog, doll!
 I hope you enjoyed getting to know Lauren and her blog Prefer to be Demure!  I'm so very grateful that she agreed to be a part of this segment on my blog, as she is a very busy lady!

Happy Easter to you all! 

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo



  1. Thank you so much for having me on the blog!!!! I'll be promoting this over the next few days ;) XOXOXO

  2. What a lovely lady Lauren seems to be! Funny too, I shall be checking out her blog toute suite Thanks for this series, I love discovering new stylish people x

  3. Prefer to be Demure is one of the newest blogs I've found and I absolutely love seeing her interviewed here! I love seeing her outfit posts but especially love how her personally totally comes through not just in her outfits but also in the way she comes across in her blog. She seems like such a fun, bright, and happy individual that has such strength from her experience in life. I really enjoyed reading this interview Camilla!

    1. Yes she is one of the first bloggers I started following as well! :)

  4. Hoorah! I loved seeing this feature on Lauren - I discovered her through IG/blog a few years back and adore her style. It was great to get to know her a bit better. :) Eagerly anticipated the new blog name (any hints???)

  5. ^I agree with Kara, haha! I can't wait see the new blog name! It was fabulous getting to know Lauren even better! This was a wonderful interview! And thank you so much for the shout out, Lauren! You are of course one my favorites too! :)


  6. Fantastic interview, Camilla. I've been following Lauren for ages now and sincerely appreciate her blog and Instagram. Both are fun, fresh and chalked full of inspiration.

    Thank you for another great look at an awesome, and very stylish fellow fashion blogger. I adore this series of yours to no end!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica, I love getting to know all the lovely bloggers I follow as well! :)