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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Getting to Know Silver Cat Tea Party!

Here is the next beautiful lady I love to introduce to you all Christina! Her blog is called Silver Cat Tea Party

I've been following Christina's blog now for around a year and a half and I absolutely love her fashion style and all her wonderful dresses she owns! Christina also has an awesome collection of Trashy Diva dresses/skirts. I love reading Christina's blog posts as well as her outfit review's and blog photos she always tells her readers what her and her husband have been up to or going to do in their everyday lives for example dinner plans, holiday plans etc.
Question:  How did you come up with the name Silver Cat Tea Party for your blog?

 I wanted to find a name that would invoke vintage glamour without departing too far from my personal style. At the same time I wanted a name that would kind of give an idea of what my blog would be about, the things that I love the most.... cats, tea parties, and vintage style. I thought about somehow incorporating my cat's name into the blog name too and so when I came up the combination of Silver Cat Tea Party I knew it was the winner... the word silver has two meanings for me... silver as in old, the silver age of Hollywood, the silver age of comic books, etc... but also silver because my cat is grey. And so to say Silver Cat came naturally as it was my own way of naming my blog after my cat. After that the whole name just came together... 

Question:  Please describe your blogging style?

 My blog is a fairly new blog. I've only been blogging for about two years and so this year from last things are still kind of changing... The bulk of my blog is vintage and retro style fashion, tea outings, and the occasional cat popping up in my photos. Mostly I'll either post outfits that I've worn or dress reviews for dresses that I've recently bought. I try to go out for tea about once a month and so will post about those outings. I like to do posts about matching your dresses to your teaware too which I do about once a month. Last year I was doing a lot of posts on how to DIY vintage style accessories like sweater clips and hair fascinators as well as posting on dresses that I've sewn but I haven't been doing as much of those this year though I do hope to pick those back up again. 
 Question:  What inspired you to start blogging?

It was a combination of three things really.
To start, I've always been fascinated with vintage style and and times from the past for as long as I can remember though it wasn't until 2008 or so that I started becoming aware of all the multitudes of companies and retailers that specialize in vintage reproduction who made dressing in vintage style so much more accessible. While I was getting more and more into dressing in vintage style most examples that were out there were mostly pinup and rockabilly style-- it's a style that I love to look at but not one that I necessarily identify with. And so when I happened upon the blog, The Full Figured Chest and saw Holly rocking some gorgeous vintage inspired looks without the rockabilly twist I started to become persuaded that there might be a place for my little blog on the interwebs.
The second thing was that I always love seeing pics of real people in vintage style clothing. I find that it's really important to see what a dress would look like on a non model before buying... especially since I feel like 95% of vintage reproduction is bought online so I felt like taking outfit posts and dress reviews was in a way adding to this shopper's support system online while encouraging others to do the same.
Lastly, which is really the beginning of where I got the idea to create a blog, is that I have a friend that kept encouraging me and egging me on to start a blog to document the outfits that I've worn. But going full circle, I didn't really think my blog would really have a place until I came across Holly's blog, the Full Figured Chest.

Question:  Describe your fashion sense/style?

 I would say casual vintage reproduction with a modern twist. I've never been a huge makeup or hair person. I'm definitely more of a throw on and go type of person which is why I consider myself casual when it comes to vintage reproduction. As far as time periods I mostly gravitate to looks inspired from the 40's, 50's, and 60's. I don't feel like I'm really 100% accurate in my depiction of any time period though especially since I fail getting any accuracy in the hair or makeup department and so I would say more modern day vintage inspired rather than full on vintage. 
 Question: Do you have any favourite bloggers and if so can you name a few?

 There are so many bloggers that I love and I'm sorry I can't list them all! There's your blog, Miss Milla Cherry, and also Holly from the Full Figured Chest recently started a new blog, Vintage Voluptuous, which I adore. I also really love Gracefully Vintage, Retro Rover, Porcelina's World, CiCi Marie, Colour Me Bristol, and the two newest one's I've started following: Prefer to Be Demure, and Chronically Vintage, just to name a few of my favorites! There really are just so many out there that I love to follow!

Question:  What can your readers/followers expect from you and your blog over the next 12 months?

 Definitely more Outfit of the Day posts and more Matching Your Dresses To Your Teaware posts. ... which I guess is a way of saying more of the same! LOL. I'm going to try and get around to more DIY and sewing posts, though it will probably take me a while to get back into the swing of things there. And I'm definitely also trying to keep more up-to-date on my Dress Review posts. I noticed I haven't been keeping up with those as well as I was last year. Nothing new is in the works really though... just trying to keep up with what I've got so far :)

I hope you enjoyed my little interview with Christina and getting to know her blog Silver Cat Tea Party better!
I very grateful Christina found time out of her personal life and agreed to be part of my blog!  

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo


  1. Thank you so much for inviting me to part of your interview series Camilla! It was an honor and a pleasure to take part in it and be on your blog! :D <3

  2. You look so pretty dear!!!

  3. Loved reading more about her!! Hooray for vintage with a modern twist girls! Her blog is so fun (thanks for the shout-out too, PS) and I can't wait to see matching teacup posts! #foreverjealousofyourtrashydivacollection!!!!!

  4. I love silver cat tea party she us so sweet and lovely

  5. Thoroughly fantastic interview. I'm a big fan of Christina and her wonderful blog (I swear, she'll be the reason I finally take the plunge and invest in a Trashy Diva dress one day :) ). Thank you both very much for this delightful post.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. That cat bag in the last photo really makes me smile! Lovely interview, it's always great to find out more about bloggers that I follow so avidly. Thanks Christina for the shout out, the blog love is mutual!! x