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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Getting to Know Hungry and Nosalgic!

Let me introduce to you all this stylish lady to my blogger interview series Hungry and Nosalgic or aka Caramella!
I've been following Caramella's blog now for around a year.  Caramella posts wonderful food, outfit, hair and accessories reviews!  She's a huge Elvis fan, has a great singing voice and her rockabilly/vintage style is so cute yet fun.
I also follow Caramella on instagram, her account name is called HungryCaramella.

I highly recommend on following this lovely ladies blog and/or instagram account!
Question:  How did you come up with the name Hungry and Nosalgic/Caramella for your blog?

 Caramella means Candy in Italian and it's the perfect name for me since I love sweets! As for my blog -Hungry and Nostalgic- I came up with that because those are the two words that best describe me ;)

Question:  Please describe your blogging style?

 My blogging style is quite simple. I post pictures of my outfits, I write reviews and sometimes I post about food or events. I try to keep things midcentury/vintage related. Most importantly, you'll notice that Elvis is often in my posts. He is my everything!

Question:  What inspired you to start blogging?

 I read about bloggers in magazines and I stumbled upon many while searching for beauty products/makeup tutorials on the web. I thought it would be a fun past time and I wanted to show off my outfits and connect with other bloggers from around the world. 

Question:  Describe your fashion sense/style?

 When I first started blogging, I had no style (haha). What I mean is, my style was rather plain and ''anonymous'' apart from my beloved polka dots! I've always been attracted to everything from the fifties (especially the music and fashion), ever since I was a little girl. I didn't dress completely retro though when I first started blogging, because I couldn't find many fifties-style clothing in stores. Then one day, I discovered vintage shops and vintage reproduction brands, and that's when my ''outside'' finally matched my ''inside.''  My style is vintage, rockabilly and Elvis inspired.
 Question:  Do you have any favorite bloggers and if so can you please name a few?

 Well, one of them is definitely Miss Milla Cherry ;) I also love Peaches McGinty, Peaches Belvedere and Chronically Vintage.

Question:  What can your readers/followers expect from you and your blog over the next 12 months?

 I'm gonna keep on doin' what I do! More retro outfits, more reviews and more ELVIS!
 I hope you all enjoy reading and getting to know Caramella and her blog Hungry and Nosalgic a little better!

I'm very thankful and happy Caramella agreed to take part in my "Getting to Know" blogger interview series on my blog!

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo 



  1. Oh, thank you! You're literally a doll, Miss Milla Cherry! <3

    1. No worries, thank-you for being on my blog! xo

  2. Nice to meet her!!! I'll have to check her out as she seems fun!! XO

  3. Awesome interview, sweet ladies. Caramella's passion for Elvis is downright infectious (in a totally positive way!). I often spend the night listening to "the King" after a visit to her fabulous blog.

    Thank you, sweet Caramella, for including me amongst some of your favourite vintage bloggers. I'm truly honoured and adore your site to the moon and back as well!

    Tons of hugs to you both!

  4. Fun interview! She seems like such a sweetheart! <3