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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Vintage Traveling!

A couple of months back I ordered two dresses from a US ladies clothing company called Eshakti
because I had a sale coupon I could use and there was a "sale" at the time on their website. Plus I love their collection and their many styles of dresses to choose from!
Eshakti mainly sell skirts, tops and dresses. Including many designs, fabrics and patterns to pick and choose from which they update and add new designs quite regularly as well.

This is how Eshakti works as stated by their website: 1. Choose your favorite design that is currently available at the time. 2. Let the company know your measurements.  3.  Customize your design to suit your style e.g. longer/short sleeves, longer/shorter skirt length, low neckline etc.  4. Order and pay for your goodies. 5. Then wait for your order to arrive. This is such a great idea to have a hand in the design of your special skirt of dress. I wish more clothing companies offer this type of thing.
Only downside is that Eshakti only ship to the US and Canada and don't ship to other countries like Australia (where I live). So I had to use a separate postal service that could ship my dresses to me (which end up costing a little more that I had wanted to pay).
Unfortunately I won't be ordering again from Eshakti unless they start shipping worldwide in the near future.
But I do love this dress I choose from Eshakti (currently the same print is on their website but in a different dress style to purchase).
I customize this dress for myself by letting the company know my measurements, adding a longer skirt length and shorter sleeves. Other great features is that this dress is lined, has hidden pockets, comes with a belt and is made out of a light crepe fabric.  I just adore the fabric print with the blue background and the little pink flowers. Such a classic 1940's style!
I hope to blog my other dress in the near future.
Accessories Include:
Peep toe shoes from Target Australia
Cream vintage gloves are thrifted.
Hair flower is from Daisy Jean Floral
Sunglasses are from Colette by Colette Hayman
Perfume brooch is from Soda Sweethearts
These photos were taken by Miss Vera Gin Vintage a little while ago whilst she was visiting me, they were taken at a couple of different locations in Maryborough, Queensland.  For example on a train line beside the river and in a rotunda in Queen's park.
In other news my Mum, my sister and I went to the most beautiful place this morning, so I could mainly take blog photos but to also looked around at the most beautiful cottage and gardens.  I'm really looking forward to posting this on my blog real soon!

Also I'll be posting another blogger interview within the next few days, so keep a look out for that!

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo



  1. What a beautiful vintage, travelin' lady! Lovin' the Eshakti dress and your accessories too! :)

  2. Another gorgeous dress and that's great that you could have it customised! Absolutely love the photos and location - beautiful! x

  3. Very pretty dress and such a cool location to take snaps in. We've been wanting to shoot on train tracks and/or a real train for years now, but there's very few around these parts, so it hasn't happened yet. Perhaps 2016 will finally be the year. :)

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I love railway/train station photos...I want to take more! :)

  4. Such a gorgeous dress on you! I'm glad this one worked out so well! That's a huge bummer that Eshakti doesn't ship to Australia! You would think in this age and day of international internet shopping this wouldn't be a problem! Love your photos. The train station was such a wonderful idea. And those sun glasses are fantastic on you!! <3

    1. I know well I hope one day soon they'll decide to ship internationally! :)

  5. I have always wanted to do a photoshoot like this - you look wonderful, I really love the shots of you sitting down on the rail way line and walking with your suitcase. So romantic! All of the props you picked for this shoot are awesome. It's a shame that Eshakti don't make it easy for Aussie girls to place orders because this is the perfect 40s dress :)

    1. Thanks so much, train lines/stations are such great locations for vintage inspired photo-shoots hey! xo