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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Black and White!

For my outfit of the day blog post, here I am wearing a blouse and skirt I bought from a local "pre-loved" fashion boutique and accessorizing with my cute panda bag I bought a few years back from a local handbag and luggage boutique.

I went into a local "pre-loved" boutique a few months back and bought these two separate garment pieces. I thought they both looked very vintage looking (not true vintage though). I love the black and white stripes of the skirt, plus it's lined and also has pockets. I do have to wear it with a belt though, as the skirt is a little big on me. The blouse is black with little white poker-dots over it, lovely and cool to wear in the hotter months.
I wore this outfit, after I finished work to chill and relax in. I've had to work some extra hours, the last couple of days because of staff shortage due to staff being of sick and staff not being able to get into work due to flooding (from an ex cyclone "Marcia" here in Queensland, Australia).
The Blouse is from a local "pre-loved" boutique.
The Skirt is also from a local "pre-loved" boutique.
My black flats are from K-mart.
My handbag is from a local handbag and luggage boutique. Sunglasses are from an ebay seller and my white belt is from another dress I own.
My male cat who's name is Bo (in the above photo) suits the black and white outfit I'm wearing perfectly for this outfit blog post.

Until next time!
Cherrymilla xo


  1. The black and white is very classy...I also adore pandas and cats.