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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Last Days of Holidays!

It's been a lovely three weeks off from work, only downside it just went by too fast, which I knew it would have. I'm back to work tomorrow!!
Oh well there is nothing much I can do about it, just have to get back into the swing of things at work until at least I get my next block of holidays, which should be early next year.

This lovely cherry print dress is by the UK vintage reproduction brand Collectif, I bought this dress off an ebay seller for a very good price, a while ago now.  I have previously blogged about this dress before this is the link if you wish to have a look/read:
I tried my first attempt at pin curling my hair last week and as you can see in these photos, this is how my hair turned out, which was pretty good for my first try. My hair can be very stubborn and thick, so at times it's quite hard to style my hair to how I want or like it.
I just love Collectif dresses, too date I own three dresses from this brand. With this particular dress I love the cherry print, the 40's inspired style, the light polyester fabric and how it's lined as well.
I decided to accessorize this dress with my red cardigan and my white faux beads.
Dress is by Collectif from an ebay seller.
Silver flats are from Rivers Australia
Red cardigan is from Target Australia
White beads are from Vivien of Holloway
Over the weekend I attended a pinup workshop to gain some extra tips for my first pinup pageant competition which is happening next month. Which was really interesting to attend as I did learn quite a number of tips from it. I also went for a drive down to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. I had lunch and checked out this awesome shop down their, that sells a lot of vintage and second hand clothing, plus accessories and a lot of shoes! I ended up buying two cocktail style dresses and a couple pair of shoes.

 This dress which is by another UK vintage inspired brand called Vivien of Holloway. I wore this dress out to run some errands, to do some things at home and just relax before heading back to work.
I have also blogged about this dress previously before this is the link to that:
I just love the 1940's style to this dress, I adore the longer length, the fabric print, the pockets, the crisp cotton fabric and the buttons down the front.
I decided to accessorize this dress with my Erstwilder "prancing poodle brooch", my pink hair-scarf and my pink cat-eye faux glasses.

Dress is from Vivien of Holloway 
Shoes are from a boutique called Retournez-vous (find on facebook)
Erstwilder brooch is from Woolloongabba Antique Centre
Pink hair-scarf and glasses are both from an ebay seller.
Pink Hell Bunny retro belt is from Gwynnies Emporium

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo


  1. Gorgeous outfits as always! I really love the cherry dress on you though, stunning! x

  2. I love these two outfits so much! I especially love the way you styled them. the cherries dress is so classic with the pearls and cardigan and the Vivian of Holloway is so fun with that awesome poodle brooch, hair scarf and glasses! So cute! Sorry that you have come to the end of your holidays but I hope you had a really great time! :D

    1. Thanks so much, yes I did have a lovely time of though. xo

  3. You look lovely in both outfits! The cardi is perfect with that cherry dress and I love those glasses on you!!! :)

  4. You look lovely in both outfits! The cardi is perfect with that cherry dress and I love those glasses on you!!! :)

  5. Very pretty outfits!!!!! XO
    -Lauren Blair