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Monday, 14 March 2016

Vintage Tartan!

This Tartan dress I recently bought a couple of months ago from the UK vintage inspired brand Lindybop
from a big sale they had at the time.  This is called the Daria dress, unfortunately this dress has now been discontinued on their website.  If you keep an eye out though this dress may pop up on ebay or any facebook buy/sell/swap groups.
The Daria dress actually comes in other fabric patterns for example butterflies and floral.  Also in children's sizes too.
This is actually my first tartan print dress, I actually prefer kitschy/floral style prints but I wanted to try a tartan print, for something different to my usual style and for more of a true vintage feel/flair to it.
I love the scalloped neckline, the tartan print, the length and the cute matching belt that came with this dress.
The fabric is made out of a stretchy medium cotton and is fully lined.
  I find this dress has more of an Autumn/Winter feel to it, then Spring/Summer, due to the warm colour tones and the medium weight fabric. In the winter months I can wear this dress with a cardigan and a pair of tights.
Accessories Include:
Black shoes are thrifted
Black vintage hat is thrifted
Vintage purse is thrifted
Cat-eye glasses are from an ebay seller
Brooch is from a facebook seller
Black gloves are from Kitten Damour
I've been trying to scout new locations for my blog photos, instead of taking my own photos just at home. 
Actually where I live in Maryborough, Queensland there is actually some really gorgeous old style buildings here that are great for vintage style photos,  only thing is I usually take my own photos and I can get quite anxious if people are around to "look" at me.  As it does gets quite daunting to have people stare or ask what are you doing? Lucky for these blog photos there wasn't hardly anyone around, so I was able to take my photos with ease.
I'm actually on a couple of weeks holidays now from work, so I'll have more free time to take blog photos, as I have quite a number of outfits to blog over the coming weeks. Hopefully I'll be taking blog photos again with Vera Gin Vintage in the next couple of weeks too.

In other news I've booked in for my next tattoo...for next week, Yay!!  Also this week I'm actually seeing my idol Madonna, whom I'm a fan of. Live for the very first time, as she's hasn't toured Australia for a very long time now and the last time she was here I was too young to go! I'm going to two of her shows, which I'm very excited for. I already have my outfits planned out!

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo


  1. Having people gawk while you take photos are the worst! I love this tartan dress! I'm with you in that I like the novelty prints better, but you gotta have some classics in your closet! I got a similar Bernie tartan dress for the same reason! SO sorry I still have to email you my post. I've been logging in and out of various emails and running around like a crazy person trying to launch a comedy project this weekend, and now I'm sick (probably from the start of it). I PROMISE I'll email you my post in the next few days. XOXOXOXO

    1. That's Okay Lauren, no pressure whenever you can! :)

  2. People staring at me while I'm taking photos is the only reason I always ask someone else to take them (and on the other hand, I don't have a stand for the camera) and people stare even then. Mostly they just walk by quietly and/or wait for their turn before passing by. I live in a small town where there are very little if any other bloggers or those that have a 50's inspired style, so I guess it's just normal for people to stare. :)

    You look very pretty in that dress and have absolutely gorgeous backgrounds for photos. I think your whole outfit is very well coordinated and beautiful <3 I love tartans but I've been putting of buying anything from Lindy Bop because I fear their dresses won't work my long back. :/

    1. I really hate being stared at when I take photos too! Isn't it the most unsettling thing in the world?? It happens to me all the time. I used to use a stand and self timer but now someone else takes them just because I was uncomfortable.
      xx Belle

  3. I love this outfit and the location is perfect!! Your purse is gorgeous too, I love beaded purses like that and have a few myself x

  4. Love this whole outfit! Everything looks so great together. I especially love the tartan pattern and colors on your dress! I feel the same way about taking pictures in public. I hate the feeling of people looking at me.

  5. Love the entire outfit. I hate that the dress was discontinued! I absolutely adore it on you. I have a few tartan print dresses but I want a cut more similar to yours. You definitely need another one!
    xx Belle

    1. Oh why thank-you, yes this cut in gorgeous and unique! :)

  6. Lovely locations, the new back-drops are wonderful! The tartan looks great, really versatile for most seasons x

  7. Goodness, how I adore this charming plaid dress - especially that eye-catchingly lovely neckline. You really look fabulous, sweet lady!

    ♥ Jessica