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Friday, 3 June 2016

Getting to know Alisa from Remains of Today!

Here's the next stylish blogger lady I love to introduce to you all, to my blogger interview series Alisa from Remains of Today
Alisa lives in Finland, I really enjoy seeing her outfits in the snow covered trees and ground.
I've only been following Alisa's blog for a few months now, but already I love following her vintage inspired blog posts! Alisa posts great reviews on her outfits, whether it's her own lovely sewing creations or on her vintage and vintage inspired dresses, skirts etc and her blog photos are so beautiful.

I also follow Alisa's instragam account which is @alisavann
Please go and follow this lovely ladies blog and/or instagram account, if you love vintage style outfits and styling!
Question:  How did you come up with the name Remains of Today for your blog?

 It was hard for me to decide the name of my blog. I listen to a lot of music and I love especially Tim Burton's movies and their songs. So I think that I was listening to Corpse Bride's "Remains of the Day" song and thought that would be a great idea. It was taken, so I altered it to be Remains of Today. So now it's kinda unique and weird and I like it!

Question:  Please describe your blogging style?

  I post pictures about my outfits, review clothing and sometimes there's something about my cats. I also like to do these posts where I give tips. About how to start a pin up wardrobe, how to buy vintage inspired eyeglasses online or something like that. These are mainly for my Finnish readers because in Finland there's not so many pin up bloggers and the "scene" is not that big. My Finnish readers like to ask much more questions than others, like what's a petticoat or how can you curl without heat. So I'd say my blogging style is pretty simple. If you don't like vintage/vintage inspired outfit photos, you'll get bored.
 Question:  What inspired you to start blogging?

I took a gap year after high school and wanted to work because I was bored with school. In Finland, it's hard to get a job without any contacts, experience or education, so I didn't get a job for months. In foreign movies they always just go to work at the nearest supermarket after high school. But nope, that's not here. So I started a blog. The only blogs I was reading back then was Miss Victory Violet's blog and Curves to Kill. I adored their clothes and thought that maybe I should show the world my fashion sense too.

Question:  Describe your fashion sense/style?

 I like colourful stuff. I like my style to be fun, not too serious. Novelty prints, tropical prints and gingham are in my top three. Mostly I wear swing dresses, but recently I have tried to get out of my comfort zone and try wiggle dresses and jeans. Lipstick is a must, but having the perfect pin up hair isn't. I like to pin curl but usually I just end up brushing the curls to waves. Hair flowers and hair scarves are pretty important too!
Question:  Do you have any favorite bloggers and if so can you name a few?

 I like Miss Victory Violet, Miss Amy May and Junebugs and Georgia Peaches. My favourite Finnish blogs are and and

Question:  What can your readers/followers expect from you and your blog over the next 12 months?

 I think my blog will stay basically the same. Just more outfits and more trying to get out of my comfort zone!
 I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Alisa and her blog Remains of Today a little better, I know I have!

Thank-you so much Alisa for agreeing to take part if my interview blogger series! xo

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo


  1. Yayy thanks for having me <3

  2. It was really nice to read this (and find out my blog is on her Finnish favourite list, since hers is on mine!) and find out more about Alisa :)

    I've also found a few nice blogs through this series of other bloggers, so thank you!

  3. Stellar interview! I've been following Alisa's blog for a while now and sincerely enjoyed getting to know this stylish, awesome lady better. Thank you both for the marvelous interview.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  4. So fun learning about this blogger from Finland! I love the outfits she's put together in these pics! Thanks for posting this interview Camilla!